New Multicultural Student Organization Office

March 24, 2016

Lisa Smith-McQueenie

A message from the President's Office with Lisa Smith-McQueenie, Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion

Having a centrally located and vibrant space for a Multicultural Student Organization Office was one of the ten demands put forth last semester by concerned students. Today, Lisa Smith-McQueenie, Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion and I are very pleased to report that if you pass through the Student Leadership & Activities corridor on the first floor of the Main Campus Building you will see that this important space will soon become a reality.

The former Student Activities Conference Room is now outfitted with three couches, and on the way are a minor wall renovation, a fresh coat of paint, some additional furniture, and a number of unique decorations to be selected by student representatives of our multicultural organizations. By the middle of April, Simmons will have a great “home” on the academic campus for our multicultural student organizations in a convenient location for both commuter and residential students.

We are especially proud to implement this new space after working collaboratively with many students of color who have contributed ideas and suggestions. Upon completion, the Office will include space for working and studying, as well as for relaxing and interacting, helping to facilitate collaborative programming and coalition building. Perhaps most importantly, it will offer an opportunity to expand the warm camaraderie that is so characteristic of the Student Leadership & Activities common area that is a central student gathering space.

Please stay tuned for details about the Multicultural Student Organization Office Open House to be held before the semester concludes. We hope you will stop by the new office and share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas about making Simmons an inclusive community for everyone.