Campus Safety: Lockdown Information

May 12, 2015

Simmons Chief of Police, Sean Collins, reviews what you need to know to keep safe during a campus lockdown

The Simmons College Emergency Response Team (SCERT) is tasked with the need to remain prepared for all emergency circumstances, regardless of their probability. Toward that end, our responsibility for emergency management calls upon us:

  1. To have emergency messages & plans that are easy to follow under stressful circumstances
  2. To provide members of the community with information in advance on how to react to these emergencies

I want to be sure that the Simmons community has every opportunity to understand our emergency response plans, and to be as informed as possible regarding emergency messages.

One such emergency message is called “Lockdown.” In a number of instances it may be prudent to keep our students, faculty, and staff safely inside our buildings (locked down) while a situation is investigated and/or resolved. Examples of threats that may trigger a Lockdown include: an active shooter in the immediate area and a violent suspect observed across the street. A Lockdown keeps community members inside locked rooms/buildings while Public Safety officials investigate the potential threat.

If a ‘Lockdown’ order is issued, these are best practices:

  • Stay Inside! Do not leave the building unless an imminently dangerous situation arises inside. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building.
  • Take shelter in a locked room if possible. If a locked room is not available, secure the room as best possible.
  • Close windows, shades and blinds, lock doors, and avoid being seen from outside the room.
  • Monitor Simmons Alert and email for updates and further instructions. A description of the threat/circumstances will be disseminated as soon as possible via Simmons Alert and email.
  • Report any emergency or unusual condition to Public Safety. Use discretion in admitting anyone into a secure space (a known member of the community vs. a stranger).
  • Require that all backpacks and other bags be left outside.
  • Require that persons seeking shelter open all outer garments for visual inspection before allowing entry.
  • Once in a secure locked location, do not leave until receiving the “all clear” from a police officer, public safety officer, Simmons Alert, email or website communication.

Please note that I will resend this information in the fall, and I will share additional information with the community related to Lockdown and other emergency drills. In the meantime, you can read more information about a Lockdown order, including a FAQ page, on the Public Safety website.