Tobacco Free Policy Update

April 16, 2015

A Message from SNHS Dean Judy Beal and the Tobacco Free Simmons Committee

The Simmons Tobacco Free Committee continued to meet during the Spring to discuss the success and the challenges of implementing the Simmons College Tobacco Free Policy. Over the past weeks, we put specific attention on planning programming for students who indicated an interest in cessation and on preparing for full implementation of the Tobacco Free Policy at the start of the 2015/2016 academic year. 

As mentioned in the Committee’s October 13, 2014 community message, there will no longer be a designated night-time smoking location on the residential campus after June 30, 2015. Therefore, beginning July 1, 2015, the academic campus and the residential campus will be entirely Tobacco Free

Support for Students

Residential students and guests can smoke off the residential campus on Brookline Avenue, just outside Simmons Hall which is lighted, a short distance from the 24 hour Security Office, and on cctv camera. Students admitted to Simmons for Fall 2015 have been informed about the Tobacco Free policy so they understand the environment they will join at Simmons. A task force will be created to review remaining concerns on the residential campus. If you are interested, please email Jess Samuels, Director of Residence Life.

The Simmons Health and Counseling Centers will offer support for students who would like to quit smoking, including individual counseling as well as smoking cessation strategies (nicotine replacement therapy) and prescription options, i.e. varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban, Wellbutrin). The Health Center can be reached at x1020 and the Counseling Center can be reached at x2455. 

Support for Faculty and Staff

The Office of Human Resources continues to provide resources through its medical provider BCBSMA for faculty and staff enrolled in Simmons’s employee medical plan such as telephone Lifestyle Coaching (tobacco cessation coaching) with health educators. Smoking cessation products available over the counter are processed under our employee medical plan’s prescription drug benefit if a prescription is obtained from a physician and presented at a pharmacy. Our Employee Assistance Program (allonehealth) can also be a resource for faculty and staff. Please visit Human Resources for more information. The American Lung Association website also offers a free online course to assist those who want to stop smoking.

We are committed to supporting students, faculty and staff as we complete implementation of a Tobacco Free Simmons College. In the Fall, we will have digital signage, posters, and napkin holder ads to educate the community about Tobacco Free Simmons and to offer cessation counseling support. 

If you are a smoker and are interested in providing on-going feedback and guidance to the Tobacco Free Simmons Committee, please email me or Jess Samuels.

We look forward to working with the Simmons community to make the Tobacco-Free Simmons campaign a success, while supporting all members of our community. Be sure to visit Tobacco Free Simmons to learn more.