Professor Oppenheim Wins Artist Fellowship Award

June 10, 2014

Bob Oppenheim

We are so proud of Professor Emeritus Bob Oppenheim, who recently won a $10,000 Artist Fellowship in Painting award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He also won this highly competitive award in 2004.

Professor Oppenheim taught a variety of painting, drawing and printmaking courses in the Department of Art and Music at Simmons. He was the first Director of the Trustman Gallery and developed the Simmons Art Collection with a strong emphasis on women artists. He currently works as a visual artist in his studio in the South End of Boston. We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his art!

Where do you find the inspiration for your art?

While my work is nonrepresentational/abstract it is informed by the visual, auditory and intellectual experiences that surround me. Mucking about with materials is an important part of my studio practice.

What advice do you have for Simmons students pursuing art?

Choosing to be an artist is an irrational act and you become an artist because you can't conceive of doing anything else. It is not a pragmatic decision but is the territory for a risk taker. The best time to give it a shot is when you are relatively young and unencumbered by too many responsibilities. An artist needs to be able to accept failure and keep is work. Simmons students are fortunate to have the advising resources of an exceptional professional faculty in the Department of Art and Music. The option to enter the department's groundbreaking undergraduate Arts Administration program or concentrate in Art History provides exceptional alternatives.

If you could have dinner with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be?

Definitely dinner with R. Mutt.