Tutoring at Simmons: Resources and Tips

December 09, 2014

Students doing homework and studying

We have arrived at finals! We chatted with Terry Muller at the Simmons Tutoring Center about services they provide -- and some study tips for your finals!

What kinds of services does the Tutoring and Writing Center provide?

The Tutoring Center provides peer tutoring course material for undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of disciplines including math, the sciences, modern languages, nursing and management. The Tutoring Center also assists students with time management and study skills.

The Writing Center works with undergraduate and graduate students at any stage of their writing, from brainstorming assignments to looking over drafts of papers. The Writing Center also provides writing and citation workshops.

How can students set up a tutoring or writing session?

Students may sign up for a tutoring or writing appointments by using either our Tutoring Center online schedule or our Writing Center online schedule. Students can also drop by our office in Beatley Library or call us at 617-521-2479.

What are your top study tips for students?

  • Review material prior to class, particularly anything posted by the instructor on Moodle.
  • Start studying for tests as early as possible.
  • Make a study schedule for yourself, using a planner or weekly schedule.
  • Review and engage in material actively by asking questions, creating mock quizzes and using the textbook and online resources.

What topics can students be tutored in?

Along with study skills and time management, students can be tutored in over 30 different courses including math, biology, chemistry, physics, nursing, psychology, Spanish, Chinese, accounting, nutrition and computer science.

Can students work in the Tutoring Center as tutors? How can they apply?

All of our tutors are Simmons students. You can be considered for tutoring in a course in which you have received an A- or better. Ask the instructor to recommend you by emailing the Tutoring Center

Can students work in the Writing Center?

We love to hire students who have previously worked in Writing Centers. Students may send their resumes to our Writing Center Coordinator, Chris Cormier Hayes.