Alumni Share: Advice to Students

May 10, 2017

Students on the Simmons campus

Our alumnae/i share their advice to students.


"Follow your heart. This generation of graduates will live to be 100. Their career and personal life are a blend. Find something you are excited about doing every day. "

- Joanne Wilson '83, Angel Investor


"Enjoy every moment. There are moments when the workload and the stress seem like too much, but you’ll make it through and look back feeling proud. Build relationships with your professors. They are the ones who provided me with so much support as I entered the working world."

- Alexandra Sorrentino '15, Clinical Research Coordinator/Research Data Specialist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Once you enter the workforce, be prepared to work hard. If you want to be successful you have to have a strong work ethic. If you're working with the right people they will recognize your drive and help you progress forward.

- Sarah McCue '09, Wealth Advisory Associate at Morgan Stanley

  • Network and keep in contact with connections.
  • Develop yourself as a professional and keep a portfolio of your work and accomplishments.
  • Trust your judgement and embrace change. 

- Kristen Swain '10, Travel Nurse at Brigham and Women's Hospital


"Keep moving forward despite what anyone tells you. No family member, peer, teacher or professor should ever stop you from doing what you love. College is such a strange time and an emotional rollercoaster of discovering who you really are and what your purpose is in life. Don’t be discouraged about not knowing what your final destination is and don’t be afraid to change paths."

- Caitlyn Normand '15, Bioanalytical Chemist