Maureen Carrigan '00 Runs the Boston Marathon

April 13, 2017

Maureen Carrigan

Learn more about Maureen's training routine for the Boston Marathon!

What program were you in at Simmons?

I got my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) as a Dorothea Lynde Dix scholar.

What's your current job title?

I'm a Staff Nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Labor and Delivery.

What's a typical day like at your job? 

A typical day on Labor and Delivery is unpredictable and I love every minute of it. I'm experienced as a triage nurse, labor nurse, resource nurse, OR circulator and/or OR scrub nurse. MGH Labor and Delivery is thought of as a high-risk maternal fetal medicine floor as well as a delivery hospital for healthy moms. 

I've had so many incredible experiences in my career — every day is a day to learn something new and every new life I witness is still amazing.

How did Simmons help prepare you for your career? 

Simmons took an insecure girl from the South who didn’t truly believe in herself and created a woman who stands proud as a nurse. I walked in those doors a girl and left a woman. 

What's your Simmons moment? 

It was the entire experience of working toward a BSN that made me truly appreciate and love Simmons. I look back and wonder how I did it. I worked and went to school full-time and started my family. I could not have accomplished all of that without the support of Simmons faculty and staff.

I was set to graduate in May and my wife — a Simmons physical therapy graduate from the class of 1983 — was pregnant with our daughter and due in April. I was not only supported by faculty, but they celebrated my life events with me. 

Fast forward to today, my daughter is starting to look at colleges. I'm hopeful that we're giving her the confidence to break the glass ceilings of her dreams.

What inspired you to run the Boston Marathon?

Since graduating from Simmons, I've tried to continue to challenge myself with things that seem impossible to achieve. To me, a BSN was a reach because I had to work full-time and attend school and clinicals. At graduation,  I walked — or floated — across the stage and was handed my degree. I searched the crowd for my partner and daughter who was one month old and held up my navy blue folder. 

The Marathon seems similar. It's almost an impossible dream to fill, but I'm going to do it anyhow. I saw an opportunity to run for the MGH Emergency Response team and felt it would be a perfect fit. If you read my story in my fundraising page, the staff and hospital have been there for me since my move from New Orleans. My childhood home was rebuilt after Katrina and so much support came from MGH. I run with gratitude.

What's your training routine?

I live in Arlington and am within walking distance to the Minute Man bike path. I am often on that path either heading toward Bedford or Cambridge.

What's your favorite song to run to? 

Great question and hard to answer! Coming from New Orleans I have an appreciation for a wide range of music! If I'm on a long run I have listen to an entire Broadway musical on my iPod. My favorite is Kinky Boots! I LOVE everything about that show! “Raise you Up” is empowering to me and I can really take off with that one! We should all raise each other up, right?

What are some challenges you've faced while training?

Now that I'm training, I already want to do better next time (I'm whispering that, don't tell my family yet). My challenges have been:
  • Working 12 hour shifts and running while fatigued.
  • Running in February with snow and ice.
  • Slipping on ice and injuring my shoulder which derailed my training plan.

What's the first thing you're going to do when you cross the finish line?

I've actually compared it to walking across the stage on a cool rainy day at Simmons and receiving my degree. I will accomplish another goal that the younger me would have never thought possible. 

So what's the first thing I'll want to do? Find my family, hold up my medal and look for a hug. I will possibly shed a happy tear.