The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) conducts research that helps achieve gender equity in organizations. We partner with organizations to document and gain lessons from their gender equity and diversity initiatives. As a result of these kinds of collaborations, our research and publication serve as a resource for organizational practice. In addition to this, CGO's research and publication also target theory generation and knowledge production. Through these two research and publication orientations – practice and academic, CGO contributes in cultivating equitable practice and enriching discourse around gender and diversity issues in organizations.

CGO has recently been more explicitly engaged in involving men as allies for gender equity as research and practice agenda along with other areas of research and publication. We are further strengthening our expertise on this area through research and collaboration with organizations. CGO's other areas of research and publication are: the following: Men as Allies; Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs; Diversity, Intersectionality and Gender Complexities/Simultaneity; Mentoring, Networking and Negotiating; Gendered Nature of Work & Organizations; and, Organizational Cultures, Change & Strategies. If your organization is interested in partnering with us, please contact Elisa van Dam at

CGO publishes CGO Commentaries, CGO Insights, CGO Working Papers and books. All CGO publications were authored and edited by our faculty affiliates from Simmons College and other organizations.

CGO Publications by Theme

Men as Allies
Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Diversity, Intersectionality and Gender Complexities/Simultaneity

Mentoring, Networking and Negotiating
Gendered Nature of Work & Organizations
Organizational Cultures, Change & Strategies
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