Violence Prevention & Educational Outreach

The Simmons University Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach Program works to educate and spread awareness around forms of gender-based violence (e.g. sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking etc.), to prevent the occurrence of violence on our campus or impacting our community, familiarizing community members with Simmons policy and protocol to address and respond to these issues if they arise, and to support and advocate for student survivors of violence.  

How We Help

Education and Awareness
  • Facilitate educational events, workshops, and trainings for all students regarding gender-based violence, respectful and healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention etc.
  • Distribute information and resources to incoming graduate and undergraduate students in orientation sessions
  • Develop ongoing and strategic programming for first year students
  • Host annual domestic violence and sexual awareness campaigns
  • Facilitate bystander intervention programming, to encourage and engage students in being active bystanders- to not only recognize situations that have the potential to escalate to violence, but to use strategies and tools for safe and effective intervention.
  • Work alongside the University’s Health Education program to provide comprehensive sex education, which include conversations with students about how to communicate about safer sex, contraception, boundaries, respect, healthy relationships and sexual consent.
  • Offer opportunities for students to develop and refine their leadership skills surrounding violence prevention work, on campus and in their professional lives beyond Simmons. 
Policy and Protocol
  • Familiarize students with the University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, which outlines expectations for community conduct, protocol for responding to incidences of gender-based discrimination, student rights and protections, interim measures, and available resources, etc.
Best Practices
  • Serve as a consultant for other departments on campus to help better practices and protocols for supporting student survivors
  • Coordinate internal and external trainings for staff on a variety of related topics to assist them in being more knowledgeable about gender-based violence and its impact on student survivors
  • Maintain survivor-centered practices on campus, and use student feedback to better future outcomes
Student Advocacy
  • Offer one-on-one support for students who have experienced gender-based discrimination
  • Refer students to valuable resources
  • Accompany students to Public Safety, local police departments, court etc., when appropriate
  • Answer student questions about the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, and assist them in reporting concerns to the University’s Title IX Team