You're #AdmittedtoSimmons! Now what?

We're here to help you as you take the next step in making your final decision. We've compiled a collection of our most popular and helpful links below to help answer all your questions. And don't forget, you can always reach out to your admission counselor. We're happy to help during this exciting time!

Are you an accepted Transfer or Dix student? Here's more information for you.

Secure your spot

Make it Official

Once you deposit you'll get a Simmons email account. Make sure to check it for info on orientation and registration!  

For Parents and Families

Welcome to the Simmons family! Learn more about the resources available for you and your student.

Find Your Place

We have over 80 student groups and an incredible athletics program. Where will you make your mark?  

Women's College Advantage

Still not sure about attending a women's college? Get the facts. 

Before You Arrive

Already sent in your deposit? Great! You're almost here. Get started on your final prep:


Reach out to your admission counselor. We're here to help!

You can also tweet your questions about life at Simmons to our @WomanOnCampus.


You'll meet with your academic advisors, register for classes, take placement tests, explore Boston and get to know your fellow classmates!


Let everyone know you've been #AdmittedtoSimmons! Then join the Class of 2019 Facebook group to meet other admitted students and ask questions. 

Living on Campus

Learn about all your housing options on our beautiful gated Residence Campus — and see pictures and videos of real students' rooms. 


Explore Boston

Current students share their favorite Boston spots and activities — and fill you in on what you absolutely can't miss!