SIT Ghana: Africa in the 21st Century

SIT Ghana Africa in the 21st Century

Study in Accra, Ghana and redefine the way we think about Africa in modern social, political, and economic contexts.

Host Institution: The School for International Training (SIT) is an accredited degree-granting institution registered in the Republic of Ghana to administer this program. The SIT Ghana: Africa in the 21st Century program is based in the Ghanaian capital city of Accra, the third-largest city in West Africa. The program rethinks the way in which Westerns perceive Africa through case studies on the intersection of society, economy and technology. Ghana – the first African nation to achieve independence in the post-colonial era – provides an ideal arena in which to live and study as you develop a critical perspective on mainstream representations of African societies.

Interdisciplinary content courses focusing on the program theme will be taught in English. You will also receive basic training in Twi language, spoken by a majority of people in Ghana and also in some neighboring countries. You will also choose between an Independent Study Project or a community-based Internship for the experiential capstone component of the semester.

Majors*: Ideal for students in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Liberal Arts with an interest in fields like politics, anthropology, African history, and sociology.

Housing*: Students reside in homestay accommodation.

Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA.

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*Coursework and housing are subject to change based on availability.

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