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Perth is one of Australia's largest and most diverse cities! Located on the Western coast of Australia, Perth is currently going through a renaissance of art and culture. From gorgeous beaches to lush wine country; metropolitan dining to international street food; world-class art galleries to spectacular graffiti art; Perth truly has something for everyone.

Host Institution: TEAN's Murdoch University program offers a wide selection of courses in health, humanities, social sciences and STEM. Research placement opportunities are also available for health science students, a unique opportunity exclusively available at Murdoch. Voted one of the "Best Universities Under 50 Years Old."

Majors*: Ideal for health science, psychology, humanities, business and social sciences. Health science majors can enroll in a semester-long independent research component.

Housing*: On-campus student apartments

Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA to apply.

For more information about TEAN's Murdoch University program, please click here.

Students can begin an application here.

*Coursework and housing are subject to change based on availability.

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