What is the role of the health center dietitian?

To support students in developing healthy relationships to food, nutrition, and their bodies. The dietitian works with students to help them understand their eating patterns and make changes to enhance their nutritional health.

What student concerns can the dietitian address?

The dietitian sees a range of students — students with eating disorders, students who are dissatisfied with their bodies, students who are curious about nutrition, student athletes, students with food allergies and more.

What happens at an initial nutrition visit?

At the first nutrition visit, the nutritionist works with students to understand what they are hoping to gain out of nutrition counseling, answer any immediate questions, and ask students about their nutrition history. Initial visits are 45-60 minutes long.

What are some nutritious options for eating on campus?

Here are some recommendations for dining options at Simmons.

What are healthy snack options?

Here are some healthy snack options.

What are some recommendations for eating before and after my workout?

Here are some ideas for how to eat when exercising.