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Get to Know the Class of 2017

Watch: Hear from #Sims17.

With the school year now officially underway we thought it would be great to meet and introduce some of the newest members of the Simmons community, our incoming class of 2017. We all know that starting a new chapter can be nerve racking and even a bit scary, but there is also a lot of optimism and hopefulness. We thought hearing from them would at least calm some fears and build excitement.

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Photo Friday: December 19th

It's our last Photo Friday of the semester! What an amazing year we've had. We'll see you all next semester!

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 19, 2014
300 The Fenway

Opportunities at the BTU School, Part II

Last week you read about Madison and Hannah, two Simmons students who started an afterschool dance program at the Boston Teachers Union School. If that inspired you, consider these other opportunities to get involved with the Boston Teacher's Union School:...

Posted by Amy Keresztes on December 18, 2014
Community Service Blog

Just like they said in class!

Yesterday, at work, there was a dilemma.  It was a fairly sticky issue, and had multiple perspectives and points.  (I know, you're rolling your eyes, thinking: what kind of crazy problem could there be in a Children's Department?  Just take...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on December 18, 2014
SLIS Student Experience


It's Winter Break Time!!!!   The undergraduate residence halls will close on Thursday, December 18 at 12:00 noon. All halls will close at this time with the exception of North Hall.   The Simmons Life Blog will be back...

Posted by Stormy Shark on December 18, 2014
Simmons Life

Wanna be an RA?

Contibuted by: Adam Gray 10 Things that Happen When You Become an RA According to The Incredibles   You never have to worry about being bored or needing something to do.   You get to be your residents' biggest fan!...

Posted by Stormy Shark on December 16, 2014
Simmons Life

Free Time

This week was blissfully uneventful. Mostly, I stuck to my routine. I had class (for the last time this year), volunteered in the library at the Boston Arts Academy, and finished my internship. Things happened that were outside of my...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on December 15, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Happy Holidays from Simmons!

Happy Holidays! Watch Stormy the Shark spread joy and Simmonsness around our campus!

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 15, 2014
300 The Fenway

Scott/Ross Center Graduate Student Civic Engagement Liaisons, 2014-2015

Get to know our Special Projects Coordinator, Roxanna Villalobos, and the team of Graduate Liaisons! Roxanna says: "The Scott/Ross Center, in particular, has allowed me to place my analytical studies into practice through community service. Further, the S/RC has opened...

Posted by Amy Keresztes on December 12, 2014
Community Service Blog

Semester by the Numbers

The end of the semester always makes me think about numbers. The big GPA looming over my head. How much time I spend wasting instead of working on my finals like I should be doing. This week, I decided to...

Posted by Hayley Botnen on December 11, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Photo Friday: December 12th

Welcome back to Photo Friday! We had our favorite little helper back on campus this week!

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 11, 2014
300 The Fenway

Sharing the Passion of Dance

"It isn't work; it's sharing a passion." "One of the parents said to me 'thank you for bringing music and dance into my child's life. It's important for them to have somewhere to go after school." These are the words...

Posted by Amy Keresztes on December 10, 2014
Community Service Blog


Contrubited by: Keenan Connery Try Progressive Relaxation: go all the way from your fingers to your toes, releasing each muscle group in your body (your lower arms, upper arms, chest, back, abdominals, face, etc.) because once your body is able...

Posted by Stormy Shark on December 9, 2014
Simmons Life

Simmons Wrap Up

When I decided to apply to Simmons for my Master's, I was working as a records management professional in a corporate setting.  I loved certain parts of my job, and I wanted to make sure I would be able to...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on December 9, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

A Conversation with Sidney Berger

Esteemed scholar, prolific writer, and adjunct professor at Simmons SLIS Sidney Berger last spoke with Infolink in 2009, as then Director of the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum (now Director Emeritus), overseeing a massive construction and expansion endeavor...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on December 8, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Tutoring at Simmons: Resources and Tips

It's already the end of the semester? How did that happen? We chatted with Terry Muller at the Simmons Tutoring Center about services they provide -- and some study tips for your finals!

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 8, 2014
300 The Fenway

Children's Literature and the Dual-Degree Experience

The Picturebook. Poetry for Young Readers. Fantasy and Science Fiction. Victorian Children's Literature. Contemporary Realistic Fiction for Young Adults. These are just a sampling of the rich course offerings available to students pursuing their Master's degree in Children's Literature at...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on December 8, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Creating Histories through Outreach, Collaboration, and Digital Stewardship

John Campopiano '13LS never envisioned working with world-renowned journalists, yet as the records manager for FRONTLINE/WGBH-TV in Boston, he is the point person among journalists and editors, production companies in the field, the legal department, accounting, and the media library...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on December 8, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Creating Creative Communities: 3D Printing in Library Programming

It can be challenging to keep up with technology's persistent, rapid developments. Even for the most digital-savvy among us, the breadth of innovations introduced and improved upon every day is staggering. The progress in 3D printing technology over the past...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on December 8, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Prof. and students to present at MSLA Conference

Adjunct Prof. Eric Poulin and SLIS students Katie Flynn, Katie Beth Ryan, and Rebecca Morin have been selected to present at the 2015 Massachusetts Library Association Conference, May 5-7 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Their presentation is titled "Think, Pair, Share But...

Posted by Alisa Libby on December 6, 2014
SLIS News & Events

That's All, Folks! (For Now)

I'm finished!!! I turned in all of my work for the Fall term and did all of my presentations. I think everything went well, but I won't know until I get my grades in a few weeks. Technically, I still...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on December 6, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

What are you doing over winter break?

Where will you be during winter break? And what will you be doing? If you will be in the eastern region, from Maine down through Virginia, you should take advantage of the Road Trips to the Real World program,...

Posted by Doug Eisenhart on December 5, 2014
CEC News Blog

PhD/MLIP candidate featured as "Adventurous Librarian"

Felton Thomas, Jr. was featured as an "Adventurous Librarian" on a website promoting The Librarians on TNT. Librarian profiles were provided by the American Library Association. Thomas's profile can be seen here....

Posted by Alisa Libby on December 5, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Alum published in American Libraries International Supplement

Diane Booton '04LS has had an essay, "International Travel, Learning Opportunities," published in the American Libraries International Supplement, August edition, pp. 12-13:

Posted by Alisa Libby on December 5, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Apply for Nursing by January 1st!

The priority deadline for the Fall 2015 nursing sequences is coming up!  Submit your application and all supporting materials by January 1st to be included in the priority review for nursing.   The nursing sequences sometimes fill up months before...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on December 5, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

Photo Friday: December 5th

Welcome back to Photo Friday! Things are looking very festive on campus. Take a look!

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 5, 2014
300 The Fenway

Happy Study-mas!

Well, this is it. The final weeks of the fall semester have finally arrived! Yes that's right, the end is finally in sight; what we see up ahead is the light at the end of the tunnel. Now the only...

Posted by Jill Silverberg on December 3, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

3 Tips for Post-Thanksgiving Finals Domination!

Contributed by: Savannah Young Worried about returning from five blissful, pumpkin-saturated days of Thanksgiving break to a mountain of unconquerable finals stress? I think I would be lying if I said you were alone. While the two week period following...

Posted by Stormy Shark on December 2, 2014
Simmons Life


One thing I have not been very good at while at Simmons (and that I have mentioned here several times before) is networking.  The idea of going up to a stranger in my field and talking about myself pretty much...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on December 2, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Alum Elected to AALL Board

The American Association of Law Libraries has selected Emily R. Florio '06LS as one of its two new 2015-2016 executive board members. Florio is currently manager of library services at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP in Washington, D.C....

Posted by Alisa Libby on December 1, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Meet Simmons in your area this winter!

Our adult students come to Simmons from a variety of backgrounds. This winter, your Simmons admission counselors  will be visiting prospective students at their colleges and workplaces . Check out our December and January visit schedule below to see when we'll...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on December 1, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

Student Stories: Annika Blake-Howland '15

Meet Annika Blake-Howland from the class of 2015! Annika works as a Dean's Fellow in our college art collection. She filled us in on her work and all the reasons she loves Simmons.

Posted by Mary Delaney on December 1, 2014
300 The Fenway

Announcing our Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship!

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is excited to announce that we will be offering a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship beginning in 2015.  The scholarship is $2000 per year and is available to members of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on November 25, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

A Night in Heaven

What's up, Clauds? is a new series that chronicles the funny, off wall, and sometimes reflective experiences of Claudia, a Simmons Student just trying to make it to her next class.     November, November, how I loathe thee....

Posted by Claudia Lawry on November 25, 2014
Simmons Life

Staying Healthy on Thanksgiving: Tips from the Simmons Community

We're gearing up for Thanksgiving break at Simmons! We asked students, faculty and staff from our school of Nursing and Health Sciences to offer some tips on staying healthy throughout the holiday.

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 25, 2014
300 The Fenway

Just in time for the holidays - Volunteering at PBP

I love volunteering, but I never know what exactly I can do.  I know I'm not qualified to be building anything, or cooking anything in mass quantities.   But recently, a fellow classmate advertised the opportunity to volunteer at the Prison...

Posted by Alexandra Bernson on November 24, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

The Rainbow Fairies

I can't believe I am about to say this, but... I don't hate the Rainbow Fairies.  The completely formulaic chapter book series centers on two tween girls, Rachel and Kirstie, who become friends with fairies.  There are about 150 books...

Posted by Alison Mitchell on November 23, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

The Next Step

I'm still mired down in final projects and papers, so it while it feels like last week moved very slowly, I oddly remember very little of it. One momentous thing does stand out, however. Remember a few weeks ago when...

Posted by Samantha Quiñon on November 22, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Know Your Professor: Lisa Brown

Meet Lisa Brown, Assistant Professor of nutrition and Dietetic Internship Coordinator. Lisa shared fun facts about herself and some nutritional tips for the holiday season!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 21, 2014
300 The Fenway

NBA All-Stars

NBA in this case is not basketball. It's the National Book Awards which were held last night. I have a lot of interest in the National Book Awards. More specifically, I have a lot of interest in the Young People's...

Posted by Hayley Botnen on November 20, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Photo Friday: November 21st

Welcome back to Photo Friday! What a week to be on campus -- we celebrated Shark Week!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 20, 2014
300 The Fenway

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards

Contributed by: Julie Nickerson   As October flew by and November quickly turns into December, students succumb to the pressure of deadlines and are forced to face the stress of finals. Stress is a topic countless students are faced with,...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 20, 2014
Simmons Life

Where are they now? Katherine Swanson '09

Meet Katherine Swanson, a psychology major and management minor from the class of 2009. Katherine founded her own law firm in Los Angeles, California. We got to ask her a few questions!

Posted by Mary Delaney on November 19, 2014
300 The Fenway

Have you read the Career Education Center's blog lately?

The Career Education Center (CEC) has one of our favorite blogs on campus (aside from Sightings, of course.) They offer helpful tips on everything from networking to economic trends - literally, you're "one stop shop" for career advice!  Last month, CEC Coordinator...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on November 19, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog

Social media for the job search

According to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), the percentage of graduating seniors using social media in their job search has grown from 37% in 2010 to 58% in 2014.   So you may be wondering, how do I use...

Posted by Clare Orenstein on November 19, 2014
CEC News Blog

An Evening with SCoSAA

With the final weeks of the fall semester just around the corner, life has been a bit hectic around here. In between the reading, papers, and projects that I need to do for all three of my classes, finding time...

Posted by Jill Silverberg on November 19, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Shark Week! 2014

Contributed by: OSLA     This time of year means one thing is right around the, not finals...SHARK WEEK. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities is excited announce Shark Week 2014! This year OSLA is combining some fun...

Posted by Stormy Shark on November 18, 2014
Simmons Life

Prospect Research Internship (Part 2 of 2)

The end of the semester is swiftly approaching, and I have less than a month left of my prospect research internship at Joslin Diabetes Center.  One thing that I've spent a lot of the last month or so doing was...

Posted by Gemma Doyle on November 18, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Professor Terry Plum Travels to Serbia and Kosovo

Terry Plum, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives and Director of SLIS West, recently traveled to Serbia and Kosovo as part of the State Department's US Speaker Program. During his travels, he gave a presentation and workshop at the BibliTech conference,...

Posted by GSLIS Webmaster on November 17, 2014
SLIS News & Events

Local Bookstore of the Week

Like the good librarian stereotype that I am, I left my two cats to visit David'sTEA (probably while wearing a cardigan) last Saturday when I stumbled upon Commonwealth Books in downtown Boston.  Right off the Freedom Trail, between the Old...

Posted by Alexandra Bernson on November 17, 2014
SLIS Student Experience

Application deadline extended to 12/1!

Interested in attending Simmons in the spring? It's not too late! Apply today! Due to increased interest, we have extended the spring application deadline until December 1st. Apply online or contact your admission counselor for more information.  Don't forget to schedule a personalized visit where you can tour...

Posted by Dayna Bradstreet on November 17, 2014
Adult Undergraduates Blog


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