Public Lecture Series—LIS and Civic Engagement

Gerald Benoit

A Critical Theory project to engage the public via technology

Starts:  3/22/2017  12:00 PM
Ends: 3/22/2017 1:00 PM
Location: Collaboratory, third floor, One Palace Road

In this talk, Associate Professor Benoit will layout the Critical Theory project and extract principles that associate the warrant for information studies and the trend to engaging the public in new social and technical programs. The audience is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Prof. Benoît teaches across a spectrum of technical, philosophical, and aesthetic topics. The theoretical basis for much of his work is the Theory of Communicative Action, articulated by Jurgen Habermas, a second-generation member of the Frankfurt School for Social Research, studying the intersection of people, institutions, and the need for "information."

The Public Lecture Series was started in 2004 by Prof. Benoît as a venue inviting faculty, staff, students, practitioners, and the entire College community to share their ideas.