Information as a Weapon: Politics, Propaganda, and Developing Skepticism

A lecture by Prof. Laura Saunders

Starts:  11/19/2015 ¬†12:00 PM
Ends: 11/19/2015 1:00 PM
Location: Alden Trust Room, Library Room L223

Information is essential to a functioning democracy. In fact, cases have been made that access to information and information literacy are human rights. But not all information is available to access, and not all accessible information is good information. Many well­educated people are choosing not to vaccinate their children, leading to a rise in diseases that had been nearly eradicated. Nearly 1/4 of Americans believe that the United States found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Where does misinformation come from, and why does it persist even when new facts emerge? This workshop will explore the creation and dissemination, as well as the censoring and suppression, of various kinds of information. We'll discuss the power structures that impact information, and the tools that we can use to interrogate, examine, evaluate, and verify our sources.