Career Coaching

Learning how to manage your career over a lifetime is a very important companion to your graduate education. Statistics show that, on average, over your work life you may change jobs over ten times and change careers three to five times. The process you learn during your time at Simmons will be invaluable for your future career planning and decision-making.

The 5 Step Career Development Model

The Career Education Center follows the 5 Step Career Development Model in providing career services and resources to graduate students. This comprehensive approach encompasses self-assessment, career exploration, preparation for your job search, implementation of your career plan and informed decision-making. It fosters skill development and learning outcomes that develop your knowledge of self, career paths, and career opportunities.

Why Meet with a Career Coach?

Using the 5 Step Career Development Model, your career coach will help you acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to leverage your graduate education and continue to move forward in your current career or your career change. Since career preparation is a process that occurs throughout your graduate school experience, you are encouraged to visit the CEC early in your time at Simmons.

Your career coach will tailor counseling and coaching to address your specific needs. She will assist you with all aspects of career planning. Your career coach can help you develop many valuable skills, such as clarifying your job search goals, developing your resume and cover letter, understanding the value and how-to's of networking, researching employers, finding and evaluating job postings, and interviewing effectively. Together you may decide to use career assessments, review your resume, or delve deeper into any other career topic. It all depends on you, the individual, where you are in the career development process and your specific needs.

What to Expect when Meeting with a Career Coach

Your career coach will meet with you for a 25-minute appointment (for resume, cover letter, job search, or career planning) or a 55 minute appointment (for self-sssessment or mock interviews), or during Drop-in Hours for 15 minutes (see below for hours) to address some of the career-related issues that you are encountering. Many first-year graduate students come in for an initial meeting with a coach just to understand what services the CEC provides and how they can work with the CEC over their time at Simmons. Subsequent appointments may focus on a single topic such as a resume review or preparation for a job interview.

How Often to Meet

If you only have a few questions related to your job search or need assistance with developing a professional resume or cover letter, you might only need to meet with a coach once or twice. However, if you are beginning to explore future career opportunities or just beginning to develop your career plans, you may find that it is helpful to meet several times over the course of your graduate program.

Typical Questions about Career Planning

Set Up an Appointment or Drop In

On-campus Students

To schedule an appointment with a CEC career coach you may call the CEC at 617-521-2488, e-mail us at, or just stop by the CEC. The CEC is located in the Center for Student Success on the ground floor of the Lefavour Building. You can also stop by during Drop-in Hours to meet with a coach on a first-come, first-served basis for 15 minutes. Drop-in hours are held during the academic year, every Monday through Thursday from 2:00-3:30 PM.

Online Nursing@Simmons and SocialWork@Simmons Students

Contact online career resources as follows: