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Meet Professor Candy Schwartz, from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Professor Schwartz recently celebrated her 35th anniversary at Simmons, and is a highly enthusiastic, witty, and popular professor. We had the chance to talk to Professor Schwartz about her interests, secret talents, and much more!

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Welcome to our first installment of Photo Friday! Take a look at our week in pictures.

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It's time for 300 The Fenway's latest installment of Where are they now? This series chronicles the amazing things Simmons College women accomplish after graduation.

Meet Kelly Bell from the class of 2011. Kelly graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Women's Studies. In 2013 Kelly founded the company Intrical with her husband in Washington, D.C. Intrical consists of policy-minded scientists and engineers focused on public health, education, security, and intelligence. We had the opportunity to talk with Kelly and see what it's like to start your own company!

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Why should you attend? Click through the slideshow to find out! Photos by Simmons Student, Katie Michaud.

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Spring has sprung at Simmons! After a seemingly endless winter it's time to take advantage of all the great (and often cheap or free!) activities Boston has to offer during the spring.

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Students, faculty, and staff answer the question: What's Your "Lady Anthem"?

In celebration of Women's History Month we asked the Simmons community: What Song Empowers You? (Songs we playfully call "Lady Anthems"). Check out our Lady Anthem Playlist on Spotify, and be sure to use #MySimsAnthem on Facebook and Twitter, and we'll add your songs to the playlist.

Today is Gloria Steinem's 80th birthday, and we want to wish her the happiest of happy birthdays!


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Read President Helen Drinan's latest Huffington Post Blog: A Letter to My Granddaughter: Bossy Can Be Beautiful.

When I was growing up and in college, equal rights was the topic of the day. So many people fought and sacrificed for this goal -- for the right to work where and when we want to, for equal pay (a topic for another day!), and for the same respect afforded to men. We watched Gloria Steinem and Shirley Chisholm talk about these issues, and we were inspired. It was empowering and exciting all at once. I bet many people considered these women bossy, and told them so!

Words most certainly have power, and if you hear a word often enough, you may tend to believe it. The word bossy most certainly has a negative connotation, but perhaps your generation can change that. Perhaps, when you and other girls hear bossy, you can think of leadership. Perhaps, bossy could mean someone has an opinion and is comfortable sharing it with other people. Bossy could mean someone has a plan, that someone is bold. Bossy could mean that someone is the boss, a leader! Read more.

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Welcome to the Women's History Month edition of Where are they now? This installment highlights one of our amazing Simmons graduates working in the field of health care and science.
Meet Katie Mead from the class of 2013. Katie majored in nursing, minored in psychology, and was president of the Student Nursing Association. During her junior year, Katie volunteered at a rural general hospital in Moshi, Tanzania, where she discovered her passion for women's health. This experience also piqued her curiosity about how different societies distribute health care. Katie wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post detailing her experience and the class and culture disparities she observed during her trip. After graduating, Katie found a medical/surgical nursing job at Boston Medical Center. She's also a part of BMC's New Graduate Trainee Program, which provides new graduate nurses with clinical courses, simulation training, and mentoring to foster critical thinking and clinical excellence.
We caught up with Katie to find out what it's like to work in the nursing field.

katiemead.jpgKatie during her 2012 volunteer trip to Tanzania

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