Chairs and Professorships

An endowed gift fund can be used to provide faculty support through named chairs and professorships. This offers a long-term, philanthropic investment that provides benefits to students, faculty, or programming year after year, generation after generation. These gift funds are carefully managed to provide permanent, ongoing support and achieve a balance between current and future needs.

The minimum endowment level is $100,000, which ensures that sufficient income will be available to fulfill the intentions of the gift. The Simmons University Endowment Spending Policy is voted and approved annually by the Board of Trustees; endowment funds currently yield approximately 4.5 percent per year.

Gifts may be made in the form of cash, multi-year pledges, stocks or other securities. 

For more information, please contact Marianne Lord at 617-521-2328 or or Laura Brink Pisinski at 617-521-2127 or