Match Madness FAQ

Q: What is Match Madness?

A: Match Madness is a special opportunity for our alumnae/i and friends of Simmons to make an extra impact with their donations to The Simmons Fund. An anonymous donor has agreed to match every gift made to the annual fund in the month of March.

Q: I already made a gift this year, does that count?

A: No, unfortunately it does not.  (But thank you for your gift!)  An additional gift of any amount will count toward Match Madness. 

Q: Do pledge fulfillments in the month of March count toward the Challenge dollars?

A:  No.  If the pledge payment is to fulfill part of a commitment made OUTSIDE of the Challenge, then it will not count.  If you would like to participate in the Challenge, a separate gift can be made in the month of March.

Q: Do pledge commitments made in the month of March but unfulfilled by March 31 count? 

A: No. If you want to make a pledge, it must be fulfilled by March 31 in order for it to be matched.  

Q: If I give $50 and it is matched $50, does that mean I get credit for giving $100?

A: No.  You would receive credit for giving $50.

Q: Do recurring gifts count with March payments? 

A: Only if it is a newly established recurring gift. If the recurring gift or pledge payment is to fulfill part of a commitment made OUTSIDE of the Challenge, then it will not be matched.  If a new monthly recurring gift is started this month, we will match it twelve times, to match the total you will give for the year. For example, if you set up a gift of $10 per month, our match donor will immediately contribute $120.  

Q: Is there a goal or limit?

A: Our match donor has agreed to match donations up to $500,000.

Q: Do matching gifts from employers count?

A: No. Only the original gift will be matched.

Q: Do faculty, staff and undergraduate/graduate students gifts count?  Do Senior Class Gifts count? Do Reunion gifts count?

A:  Yes! All new unrestricted gifts made during the month of March to The Simmons Fund count.

Q: If I already gave a gift this year, but give another in March to total $1,899, will my two gifts combined grant me membership to the 1899 Leadership Society?

A: Yes! As long as both gifts were made in the same fiscal year (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017) **Note that only the portion of the gift made during March will be matched. 

Q: Can I give through a check in the mail?

A: Yes! Your gift must be received or postmarked by March 31.