Resources for Class Officers

Class officers are the lifeline of the class and are among the greatest strengths of the Alumnae/i Association and the Office of Alumnae/i Relations. They are elected by their class members to serve as liaisons for their respective classes to the Alumnae/i Association and to the University. In this important role, they provide the spirit behind planning and boosting class participation at Reunion (both in dollars raised and in number of attendees), organizing independent class and regional events, and raising awareness of giving and planned giving programs. Class officers should try to reach and interest other classmates in activities and functions of Simmons University in order to expand its future class leadership potential.

What are the class officer positions?
The five roles are: president, vice president (also called Reunion chairs), treasurer, secretary, and class agent.

What role does each officer play?
Generally, the president keeps all class officers on task and serves as the main point of contact for all classmates. The vice president helps the Office of Alumnae/i Relations plan class-specific Reunion events for the class. The secretary encourages the submission of Class Notes from classmates. The treasurer collects class dues from classmates and works with the Office of Alumnae/i Relations to reconcile treasury expenses for Reunion. The class agent solicits gifts to Simmons University from classmates by educating class members about the importance of giving.

How long do class officers serve?
Class officers generally serve for five years.

When are class officers elected?

Class officers are elected at their class meeting held during Reunion every five years. Officers for the graduating class are chosen near the end of their senior year.