Why a Women's College?

There are many myths surrounding all women's colleges -- will there be any boys on campus? is everyone catty and cliquish? — we want to set the record straight about the benefits of attending Simmons.

Benefits of a Women's College

  • 81% of women’s college graduates felt well-prepared for their first job vs. 65% of women graduates from public universities
  • Tomorrow’s Leaders: Women’s college graduates make up less than 2% of college graduates but comprise more than 20% of women in Congress and 33% of women on Fortune 100 boards
  • Women’s clubs, organizations, and athletics get all the funding
  • Students attending women’s colleges are 1.5x more likely to major in math, science, or pre-med, so they are better prepared for the jobs of the future
  • Women and their needs are at the center of academic and campus life
  • More female role models: 90% of women’s college presidents are women
  • Women’s college graduates are almost 2x as likely to complete a graduate degree