Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL): Option for Dix Scholars

  • CPL is awarded for college-level learning gained through work or life experience.
  • Dix Scholars may earn up to 24 CPLs.
  • CPLs are included in the 80 credits that Dix Scholars may transfer in.
  • CPLs do not fulfill mode requirements.
  • CPLs may fulfill entry-level courses in the major.

If you are a Dix Scholar, take advantage of CPL by enrolling in the 2-credit seminar IDS 227 (fall or spring).

Once enrolled in IDS 227, you

  • identify prior learning that is college level
  • write a critical reflection on your learning
  • assemble a portfolio with supporting materials
  • submit the portfolio to faculty for review

Portfolios typically include:

  • a reflection on learning (learning narrative)
  • evidence to document learning (work samples, certificates, letters of reference, etc.)
  • a resume
  • the CPL evaluation form

Once CPLs are awarded,

  • credits are added to your transcript
  • a $500 evaluation fee is charged

Next steps:

  1. Talk to your advisor
  2. Contact Terry Müller, CPL director
    (617) 521 2471