Additional Information and Policies

Enrollment Requirements

In order to be eligible for financial aid, students must meet particular enrollment requirements. All students need to be enrolled at half-time status or more to receive financial aid. Half-time status is described as follows:

For undergraduate students: registered in at least 6 credits
For graduate students: registered in at least 5 credits

If your enrollment status drops below full-time, your financial aid package and charges on your account will change. Be sure to check in with your Financial Aid Officer and/or Student Account Representative to discuss any enrollment status changes you may be making and how that will affect your account. Full-time status is described as follows:

For undergraduate students: registered in at least 12 credits
For graduate students: registered in at least 9 credits

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

The federal government requires institutions to monitor recipients of federal financial aid to ensure that they are meeting satisfactory academic progress standards. At Simmons College, students must demonstrate that they are making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree annually at the time financial aid awards are made. The definition of satisfactory academic progress includes three required components:

  • The student must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of a C (2.0) or better
  • The student must successfully complete at least two-thirds of all credits they attempt, on the average. Credits for a course are counted as attempted when the student is registered for that course after the fourth week of classes. A course is counted as completed when credit is received for the course.
  • The student cannot exceed more than 150% of the credit hours required to complete their degree. At Simmons College, undergraduate students can receive federal, state, or institutional aid for no more than 192 credits. 

Any student at risk of losing financial aid eligibility will be notified in writing by the Office of Student Financial Services after the spring semester. Any student who is not making satisfactory academic progress after the spring semester will be notified in writing by the Office of Student Financial Services in early summer. The student may appeal to the Executive Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Success if there are extenuating circumstances.

Should the Executive Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Success grant the appeal, the student will be given one probationary period to bring their academic progress back to satisfactory standards. The probationary period may span up to three terms in length. However, if the student fails to meet the requirements agreed upon and outlined in their academic plan or if the student is still not meeting the standards by the end of the probationary period, they will lose eligibility for all financial aid until such time as the student again meets the standards.

Please note that SAP applies only to federal, state, and institutional funding. If the student still meets the program requirements necessary to remain enrolled, they may pay their costs out of pocket or borrow from a lender who does not require them to meet SAP.

Federal Student Aid Information Center

You can get information from the Center for free by calling: 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). You can also write to the Federal Student Aid Information Center at the following address:

Federal Student Aid Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044-0084

Study Abroad

Simmons students who are considering participating in a study abroad program should make an appointment with a financial aid counselor to discuss any financial aid that may be available for their program and to determine what documentation is required. This includes students interested in attending a for-credit international study program or a short term course offered abroad.

Study Abroad Checklist

  • Complete and submit all general financial aid application materials (FAFSA and requested documents) to Student Financial Services by the due date. If you have not applied for financial aid by the deadline and are interested in doing so, please contact Student Financial Services.
  • Apply to the study abroad program.
  • Make an appointment with your financial aid counselor to discuss the financial aid process for study abroad.
  • Your financial aid counselor will give you a Consortium Agreement. Submit the Consortium Agreement to the study abroad institution for them to complete. An official at the program must complete this form and send it back to Simmons Student Financial Services.
  • Apply for alternative loans, if necessary.
  • Set up a power of attorney, if applicable. Submit a copy to Student Financial Services.
  • Confirm with Student Financial Services that all required paperwork has been completed and promissory notes have been signed.
  • For your convenience, bring your financial aid counselor's email address with you in case you have questions while studying abroad.
  • Return the Simmons Enrollment Certification Form to Student Financial Services once you have arrived at your study abroad location. An official at the program must complete this form on the first day of the program or anytime after. The certification form can be faxed or mailed to Student Financial Services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone, in person, or by email at