Essential Capabilities

Develop the skills you need to lead.

PLAN is designed to help you gain the tools you'll need to succeed in your career and in life. Work on these essential capabilities is built into the courses you'll take during your time at Simmons. 


Your abilities to write, speak and use graphics are critical to whatever you’ll do in the future. Whether you’re going to write a business plan or a scientific article, you’ll develop those skills at Simmons.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Like communication, critical thinking and problem solving are skills you’ve been developing throughout life. We’ll hone your skills through learning experiences in class and lab and educational opportunities outside the classroom. Through these various opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to problem solve in innovative ways.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Whether the data you're interested in is voter turnout statistics or expressionist paintings, a Simmons education emphasizes skill development around abilities to assess the quality of various types of data.

Ethical Leadership

At Simmons, we know that leadership takes many forms! Whether in your own life, at Simmons, or in the Community, you’ll be guided in determining the issues and ideas that motivate you to lead.

Integrative Learning

You face a rapidly changing and increasingly connected world where integrative learning has become a necessity. The ability to make connections across courses and disciplines, over time, between campus and community life will allow you to apply your learning across academic, professional, personal and social boundaries.

Navigation of Cultural Differences

Navigating cultural differences, both domestically and internationally, relies on understanding power structures and their implications on daily life. You’ll build upon your existing skills that support appropriate and effective interaction in a variety of cultural contexts.