Second Year

The second year of the Simmons PLAN focuses on bringing skills and knowledge from disciplines and courses together to gain new understandings of problems, issues and topics.

The Learning Community

Fall or Spring Semester, 8 credits

The Learning Community provides an opportunity to understand a topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives. This approach to integrative learning will allow you to grasp the habits of mind and intellectual methods of two disciplines (via two 3-credit courses) and how they may be brought to bear on a topic, issue or problem (via a 2-credit integrative seminar jointly taught by the two course instructors). Courses taken in The Learning Community may also count toward your major or minor requirements.

The Simmons Course: Experience

Fall or Spring Semester, 1 credit

The second year Simmons Course will focus on academic and career planning, further development of self-management skills, and will get you ready to choose your 3D courses in your third year.