A true PR pro can handle anything — from strategy to scandals to social media.

You'll learn to craft intelligent and influential messages — even in 140 characters or less — and comprehensive public relations plans. Faculty in both the Communications Department and the School of Management are also seasoned practitioners, drawing on their experience to prepare you for the real world of communications.

Hands-on opportunities like the PRSSA and Studio 5 help our students develop the essential persuasive and technical writing skills necessary to excel in any field. You'll gain experience in disciplines like graphic design and media arts, cultivating a keen sense of design and message placement.

Employers recognize our students as critical assets to any creative team. They intern and find exciting careers in industries from media to health care to everything in between.
Program Requirements

Student may pursue a concentration in PR/marketing communications and choose electives to focus in a particular area.

Required Core Courses

  • COMM 121 Visual Communications
  • COMM 122 Media Writing Bootcamp
  • COMM 186 Introduction to Public Relations and Marketing Communications
  • COMM 210 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • COMM 281 Writing for Public Relations & Marketing Communications
  • COMM 325 Public Relations Seminar
  • MGMT 230 Why We Buy
  • MGMT 234 Organizational Communication and Behavior
  • MGMT 238 Financial Aspects of Business
  • MGMT 250 Principles of Marketing
  • COMM370 or MGMT 370 Internship

Independent Learning: 8 credits to be fulfilled either through COMM 350 (4 or 8 credits), MGMT 350 (4 or 8 credits), COMM 370 (4 to 8 credits, MGMT 370 (4 to 8 credits) and/or COMM 390 Studio Five; COMM 390 Studio Five cannot be double counted as an elective course and an independent learning course.


Students select three courses from this list; one must be at the 300 level

  • COMM 124 Media, Messages, and Society
  • COMM 163 Radio Operations/Podcast
  • COMM 181 Public Speaking
  • COMM 240 Intermediate Graphic Design I: Typography
  • COMM 244 Web Design 
  • COMM 260 Reporting: Chasing the Story
  • COMM 262 Media Convergence
  • COMM 286/MGMT 232A: Introduction to Advertising
  • COMM 310 In Depth Storytelling for the Digital Age
  • COMM 315 Blogging/Op-Ed Writing
  • COMM 323 Digital Cultures: Communications and Social Media
  • COMM 326/MGMT 232B: National Student Advertising Competition
  • COMM 344 Senior Seminar/Storytelling
  • COMM 350 Independent Study
  • COMM 390 Studio 5: A Communications Workplace
  • MGMT 100 Foundations of Business and Management
  • MGMT 221 Project Management
  • MGMT 222 Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 224 Socially Minded Leadership
  • MGMT 231 Creating Brand Value
  • MGMT 320 Negotiations and Change Management
  • MGMT 335 Marketing Research
  • MGMT 350 Independent Study
  • MGMT 392 Market Decision-Making

Recommended but not required courses for the PR/MarCom Major:

  • ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
  • MATH 228 Introduction to Data Science
Customize Your Program

We encourage our students to tailor the Public Relations and Marketing Communications major to fit their interests. Simmons students majoring in PR/MarComm might be interested in a minor in Organizational Studies or Business in the School of Management or a minor Media Arts or Web Design and Development in the Communications Department. Your advisor will help you develop the best path to meet your personal and professional goals.

A Minor in PR/Marketing Communications is also available. The minor requires COMM 186, MGMT 250, COMM 281 and two electives from COMM 124, COMM 181, COMM 265, COMM 286/MGMT 232A, COMM 326/MGMT 232B, COMM 323, MGMT 230, MGMT 231, MGMT 234, MGMT 238 and MGMT 335.

Internships and Research

Internships are a key component of the public relations program. Our students fulfill their independent learning and internship requirements in a variety of ways, including recent placements at Boston Herald, Harvard Medical School, Lesley College, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the Boston Ballet, to name a few.

Seniors in the public relations program also have the unique opportunity to learn from leaders in the field during our annual trip to the NYC Experience at Omnicom.

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