Apply to Honors

Admission to the Honors Program is highly selective. The program is designed for students with strong analytical and writing skills. Most students enter as first-year college students, but Dix and transfer students are invited to apply as well.

In February, the Honors Program begins its Sophomore Entry admissions process. First-year students who have excellent academic records and who are eager for intellectual challenge are encouraged to apply.

First-Year Entry

Interested students should complete the application for the Honors Program (online or via mail) and submit it to the Admission Office. An Honors Steering Committee reviews each application and selects the entering class. The application deadline for the Honors Program is February 1st. The Honors Application is also part of the Common Application, so you can complete it when you initially apply to Simmons.

Please submit an essay answering this prompt:

  • Honors students at Simmons often take an active role in student government and organizations, including the student newspaper, the Simmons Voice. Write the lead editorial for the Voice on an issue of local, national, or global importance in 350 - 400 words.

Students should upload their essay here or send via email to with the subject line "Honors Application." On each page of the document please include your full name and date of birth.

Sophomore Entry

We set aside 10 to 15 slots per year for Simmons students who wish to join the Honors Program in their sophomore year. Each February, an email is sent to first-year students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better, inviting their application to the program. Applications are due in March.

For more information, please email the Honors Program at