Registering with Disability Services

Students who are interested in receiving accommodations at the university level must self-disclose and register with the Disability Services Office. The information below outlines the steps students must take to register.

To complete the steps of requesting accommodations a student must:

  1. Students must schedule an appointment with a Disability Services staff member. At this meeting, students will have an opportunity to learn more about the office as well as complete an Intake Form. During this meeting, students will also discuss the accommodations they are requesting.
  2. Submit documentation from a licensed medical professional. Documentation may either be in the form of a Neuropsychological Evaluation, a detailed letter, or a completed Documentation Form. The documentation should discuss the students' diagnosis, date of establishment, the impact of the diagnosis, the evaluation procedures, treatment and the recommended accommodations. Students may choose to submit documentation during their intake appointment or at a later date.
  3. Once documentation is submitted, the Disability Services team will meet to review the documentation to determine appropriate reasonable accommodations.
  4. The student will then meet with a Disability Services staff member to discuss the approved reasonable accommodations. Students will also receive written notification of their accommodations.
  5. Students who are approved for accommodations should meet with a staff member at the beginning of each semester. At this meeting, a staff member will complete Student Accommodation Letters to inform professors of the approved accommodations they wish to utilize in their course.
  6. The student will deliver the Accommodation Letters to each instructor and discuss how the accommodations will be implemented in the course. If there are concerns, either about the accommodation or the manner in which it is to be provided, either the student or the instructor should contact Disability Services.

Please note: the instructor should retain the Student Accommodation Letter for their own records. A copy of the Student Accommodation Letter is also kept on file with the Disability Services Office.

Accommodation letters must be obtained EACH semester for EACH class in which a student wishes to receive the accommodations. Students who have already registered with the Disability Services Office and who have previously received accommodations still need to meet with the office each semester. Due to the large number of students with disabilities being served at Simmons, it is suggested that students make an appointment with the Disability Services staff well in advance. While every effort will be made to respond to crisis situations, it is still the responsibility of the student to make an appointment to Student Accommodation Letters in a timely manner. Accommodations are not retroactive. Faculty members are not obligated to provide any accommodation to a student without the required forms.