Study Abroad Opportunities

Simmons offers a number of international experiences that align with your academic and professional goals and geographic interests. These overseas opportunities include semester & summer abroad, faculty-led Travel Courses, internship opportunities, and volunteer abroad .

Getting Started

The best way to start is to schedule an appointment with the CGE in MCB E-104 by emailing, or attend one of the many study abroad events held on campus throughout the semester. Please refer to the Simmons calendar for precise dates.

Approved Semester Abroad Programs


Asia/Pacific Rim

Latin America


Simmons Faculty-Led Travel Courses

Simmons Faculty-Led Travel Courses: Travel Courses (TCs) are high-impact and culturally-immersive, short-term courses run by Simmons faculty where the majority of class content is delivered abroad. Most TC's take place in the Spring semester, either during Spring Break or after final exams conclude in May, and typically last between one and four weeks. Students must complete an online application and receive acceptance before registration takes place. Please note that Travel Course candidates are eligible for Simmons Study Abroad Scholarships (which can be accessed in the online application)!

The CGE is pleased to announce the portfolio of 2018-19 Travel Courses. Please check back in late May to access the online brochures and applications for these programs. TC questions may be directed at

Spring & Summer 2019 course offerings:

Study Abroad for Nursing Majors

Yes, it is possible for nursing majors to study abroad! Through our partnerships with University College Dublin and the Granada Institute for International Studies (GRIIS), among others, nursing majors can fulfill Key Content Area (KCA) courses, partake in clinical rotations, and receive nursing electives while studying in Ireland, Spain, and other destinations.

Nursing majors are recommended to enroll in a semester abroad during the first semester junior year. In order to study abroad during this semester, Nursing students are required to enroll in "NURS 346 Medical Surgical Nursing II" at Simmons during the summer between sophomore and junior year. Please consult the Nursing curriculum sheet for more details and review the advising brochures below. 

Finally, If you are interested in studying at the Granada Institute for International Studies, check out their video on the program and their partnership with Simmons. For more information, visit their website at

Summer Study Abroad

The following programs are recommended for Simmons students interested in pursuing a Summer Semester Abroad opportunity. Summer applications are due on March 15 and can be accessed here. Please consult our FAQ's page regarding Summer Study Abroad policies, fees, and timeline.