How to Apply

Application Process:

  • For all programs, including Simmons faculty-led Travel Courses, please consult the full list of programs page to start an online application.
  • If applying to an approved semester program, you may be required to apply directly to that study abroad program as well (via an online application).

Detailed Online Application Process

  • Fill out and submit the online application.
    • Candidates need to submit biographical details, a personal statement, as well as a study abroad scholarship essay (if applicable).
    • Shortly following the application deadline, the CGE reviews your application, while receiving clearance from the Dean of Students, Residence Life, and the Registrar's Office. For Travel Courses, faculty leads also review applications.
  • Upon successful review of your application, the CGE will update your online application to “Participation Approved” and notify you via email with important “next step” instructions.
  • Submit required materials and forms accessible through your online application. Materials can include:
    • Passport, health insurance card, provider acceptance letter, petition to study abroad (with faculty advisor signature), and travel itinerary.
  • Sign documents included in the online application, which can include:
    • Liability Agreement and Release, alcohol behavior agreement, doctor notification, health statement confirmation, and insurance confirmation.
  • If you decide to withdraw, send an email immediately to to discuss next steps and the formal withdrawal process.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be other steps to follow and information to provide depending on your program. If you have questions please email the