Global Ambassadors

The Global Ambassadors Program is made up of recently returned study abroad students who are passionate about encouraging internationalization on campus. Global Ambassadors are available to answer questions and to help guide potential students throughout the process, from first inquiry to program departure.

At least one Global Ambassador is located at the Study Abroad Office every weekday from 2-3 PM to speak with students about their study abroad experience. You may also request a meeting with them by emailing

To learn more about how to join the Global Ambassadors Program, take a look at their website.

Read about the Study Abroad experience:



Traveled to: Berlin, Germany; Cuba
Major: Environmental Science

"Study Abroad is an experience...that never ends. Cherished memories are made so easily abroad. It made me realize that even though cultures change... a smile and a laugh are universal. [Being] in another country can be overwhelming, but it made me appreciate the small things.

I studied in Berlin, a city that has gone through countless cycles of destruction and rebuilding. It made me appreciate well-designed and -planned urban environments. Now I can see myself in that career. Studying abroad gave me direction and opened my mind to possibilities."



Traveled to: Beijing, China; Singapore
Major: Environmental Science / Chemistry

"Studying abroad redefines the meaning of cultural differences for me. They are more than differences in food, language, habits, and appearances. When studying abroad, students have the opportunity to examine more deeply what makes a culture unique.

Studying abroad made me more resilient, because I had to acclimate to an entirely new environment, and eventually this will become second nature. Its a good 'twenty-something' skill to have under your belt. It also influenced my studies and career plans. I've always wanted to work in environmental science. Since I've seen the ecosystems and environmental policies of Northern China, my education and career plans have taken on an international focus."


Traveled to: Switzerland; Berlin, Germany; Kyoto, Japan
Major: Economics and International Relations

"Ive studied abroad three times, most recently in Germany. Not only did I become fluent in German, I also learned how to interact with a new culture. Humility is part of this interaction: you accept your mistakes, you laugh at yourself, and you also realize that you're not always right. I developed cultural understanding by learning not to judge, but to listen, learn, and understand. I also developed a network of friends across the globe.

My study abroad experience inspired me to study economics and international relations. Furthermore, international experience looks amazing on your resume, and you also develop connections that will help you in the future both abroad and at home."


Traveled to: London, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Florence, Italy
Major: Marketing and Communications

"I decided to study in Florence because there are only so many things I could learn in a classroom, and culture and experience aren't on that list. While abroad I was learning from when I woke up to the minute I fell asleep.

Before living in Florence, I worked 60-70 hours a week, and sought to win the rat-race. I now realize that money doesn't matter as long as I have enough to live a healthy and happy life.

My career plans include working in the fashion industry. In Florence, I took a course titled 'The Anthropology of Fashion.' Our class discussions about fashion industry ethics really put things into perspective for me. They made me realize that I feel very strongly about proper ethics."


Traveled to: Shanghai, China
Major: East Asian Studies

"Studying abroad in Shanghai gave me a chance to grow as an individual. I studied and lived in an environment very different from everything I was familiar with. English was not a commonly spoken language. My success depended on my ability to adapt to a new culture and develop general self-reliance. My successful study abroad experience made me stronger emotionally and led me to new educational and career paths.

I gain self-confidence because I gained the ability to connect with people different from me. Chinese people appreciated my efforts to speak with them and were very patient and understanding. I can only imagine how different my experience would be if they had reacted to me the way some Americans react to immigrants-- with an absolute lack of patience or understanding for their respective circumstances and struggles. Studying abroad also expanded my worldview. It forced me to confront how privileged I am to be living the life I live.

Studying in Shanghai made me realize that I could eventually work in China or Taiwan. I am majoring in East Asian Studies and taking a Chinese translation course. I am currently applying for a grant that would fund a year of intensive language study in either China or Taiwan. That is my current goal and that's more than I had before studying abroad."