We Sold a Winner

This project is supported by the Simmons College Fund for Research.

Edie Bresler Research

Since 2009 Professor Bresler has been looking at the American landscape through the lens of state-run lotteries. By focusing on small family-run convenience stores and marketplaces where a winning jackpot ticket was sold, she seeks to humanize an overlooked by essential aspect of the American fabric. Whether you are pro, con or indifferent, it is likely your community depends on lottery profits. Although the project started in Massachusetts, through research and support she has been able to expand to Mid-Atlantic states, such as Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia and the Mid-west where she photographed in Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois.

As the project continues growing, so has interest. The supplemental grant will bring the project as a whole, closer to completion. It supports photographing five new stories in three additional states: Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Photograph copyright Edie Bresler, all rights reserved. From the series We Sold A Winner.