The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities is finding ways to honor Ms. Ifill's commitment, not only to the highest standards of excellence, but also to community and to mentoring. The new Mentor-in-Residence program is a signature program that invites to campus talented professionals who are achieving success in their fields and expanding the range of voices and perspectives in it. Mentors-in-Residence share their knowledge and help us foster the potential of our students so that they, too, may pursue lives of purpose.

Residencies are typically short-term (one day to two weeks) with an itinerary that matches the talents and interests of the particular mentor. Activities might include class visits, workshops, themed lunches, readings, teaching discussions, meeting with student organizations, one-on-one sessions, community activities, or other ways the mentor might share their knowledge with the next generation. Mentors-in-Residence are by invitation of the Dean and hosted by one or more of the departments in Ifill College.

List of Mentors-in-Residence

  • Elizabeth Acevedo (February 11th through February 13th, 2019, sponsored by Children's Literature and Africana Studies)
  • Yolanda Coentro (March 12th through March 13th, 2019, sponsored by HUM 370, COMM 370, and AADM 390)
  • Sneha Shrestha (March 20th through March 22nd 2019, sponsored by the Trustman Gallery and English/Women's and Gender Studies)
  • Nancy Ancrum (March 25th through March 27th, 2019, sponsored by Communications and Student-Driven Media Productions)
  • Lisa Mullins (April 8th through April 9th 2019, sponsored by Simmons Radio and Communications).