Professional Development Funds

Ifill Professional Development

These funds are intended to support professional development activities such as the dissemination of creative work or scholarship (e.g. conference travel), and to be aligned with school priorities.

DEADLINES: Funds are available for use from July 1 through June 30. In order to accommodate the end of fiscal year deadlines, faculty members should either have their funds spent or have communicated a plan to use their remaining funds by no later than May 31. If no plan has been communicated by May 31st, funds may be reallocated. Please note, these funds are not an entitlement and may not be "rolled over" from one fiscal year to the next.

APPLICATION: apply now online

Examples of Approved Expenditures

Professional development funding can only be used to cover material and supply costs.

  • Conference/Research Expenses – including membership, registration, flights, lodging, meals, gas mileage, etc.
  • Editorial services/fees for article, journal or book submissions
  • Membership renewal – must be directly related to your field of academia
  • Continuing education course(s) or certification(s)
  • Workshop fees

Professional Development may not be used to cover….

Funds cannot be used to supplement a department's existing operating budget.

  • Student salaries
  • Personal book or journal subscriptions
  • Hardware or computer software
  • Non-academia related memberships including AAUP

Fund Management

Funds will be located in the department budget associated with each faculty member's primary academic appointment. All receipts need to be submitted through Workday in order for reimbursement paperwork to be processed. Proof of purchase is required. Expenses should be made in the name of the faculty member seeking reimbursement and tied to a corresponding credit card. Avoid sharing costs amongst colleagues. If it is needed, please request split checks or invoices.

Fiscal Year Timeline

Accounts Payable processes expenses based upon the fiscal year in which an event, conference or service takes place. For example, if you attend a conference in fiscal year 2020, but purchase registration or flights in fiscal year 2019, please assume that your FY20 funding will cover these expenses. The same policy applies to memberships. If you join or renew a membership that will be active from one fiscal year into the next, Accounts Payable will prorate your reimbursements based upon how much of your expense hits each fiscal year.