Strategy 2022

Redesigning Simmons to highlight and build on our signature strengths

Strategy 2022 positions Simmons as a beacon of leadership in the world of higher education, a resource to our nation and world, and a global expert in educating women for empowerment and leadership. 

The strategic goals of Strategy 2022 capitalize on our strengths, preserve our Mission and create a redesigned, sustainable structure for the future of Simmons. 

  • Highlight and build signature Simmons strengths in a sustainable structure
  • Improve 4- and 6-year undergraduate graduation rates and graduate student on-time completion rates
  • Foster a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community
  • Support the instructional core effectively and efficiently
  • Build a 21st-century Learning and Living Environment
  • Improve financial stability and flexibility; achieve a credit rating of "A"
  • Simmons has applied to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to become Simmons University and is reorganizing into the Colleges of Media, Arts, and Humanities; Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences; Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences; and Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice. 
  • Simmons is in the 3rd year of the launch of our new undergraduate core curriculum, PLAN.
  • In October 2017, the new program, the Masters in Public Health will be the first new graduate program to launch in the University's suite of online Masters: the MS in Nursing, Family Practice; MSW; MBA and Healthcare MBA; MS in Behavior Analysis; and MS in Library and Information Science.  These programs have national reach and more than doubled Simmons' professional masters enrollments since the launch in 2013 of the MSN.
  • A new undergraduate academic advising model is in place and is now supported by Starfish, software designed to support students, faculty, and staff focused on student success. 
  • Space in Lefavour Hall is currently being renovated and will open as the Student Support Center early in 2018, bringing together Academic Advising, Disability Services, the Writing Center, Tutorial Center, and Career Education Center.
  • Increased staffing and funding for a Multicultural Center is building new support systems for first generation and multicultural students.
  • University leadership, faculty, staff, and student training are well under way to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will foster a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community at Simmons.
  • The University has maintained fiscal discipline, achieving operating surpluses, reducing and refinancing debt, and maintaining appropriate cash balances.