Meet the Staff

The Multicultural Center is staffed by Director, EriKa Monfort (She/Her Series), who joined the Simmons community last January as the Coordinator of the Multicultural Center. The Center seeks to shape a strong community among students of color while promoting an understanding of cultural multiplicity, humility, and intersectionality for the Simmons community as a whole.

The mission and vision of the Multicultural Center is supported by Simmons administration, faculty, and staff from the President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Organizational Culture, Inclusion, and Equity (OCIE) as well as various academic departments. The Multicultural Center is part of OCIE whose mission is to make Simmons the most inclusive campus in New England.

EriKa Monfort

Photo of Erika Monfort, Multicultural Center Director

After working in Residence Life for the past six years, EriKa has recently transitioned out to pursue her passion in diversity, inclusion and equity work. Much like Student Affairs, EriKa’s working philosophy is student centered, focusing on the personal development of students in relation to their peers, environment, and their intellectual growth.

EriKa understands the importance of allowing space for students to be autonomous while holding them accountable and instilling confidence in their ability to not only sustain but to elevate and amplify their purpose.

Her passion for inclusion, intersectional equity, healing and belongingness has been the drive behind her transition and journey through diversity, equity and inclusion work. Among the social and economical climate on both a local and national level, EriKa has been integral in sustaining the operations of the Multicultural Center throughout the Simmons virtual experience, this includes cross-departmental collaborations and partnerships with both the Affinity student organizations and Alumni/nae organizations. EriKa brings a wealth of experience, authenticity and growth to the MultiCultural Center and we are excited about her new role as the Director.

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