The Collective

The Multicultural Center advises 11 student organizations focused on creating affinity space for particular social identities while serving as an educational resource to the Simmons community. Our student leaders are exemplary at creating meaningful opportunities and contribute to the equity work at Simmons. These 11 organizations are known as The Collective. Each organization is listed below with their mission, signature events, and contact information.

Students in the Multicultural Center

African-Caribbean Student Union (ACSU)

Mission: The goal of the organization is to promote the diverse cultures of Africa and the Caribbean. This will create a space for African and Caribbean students to share their cultures and to establish a sense of community for these students in the Colleges of the Fenway. This will also provide educational opportunities for students interested in learning about African and Caribbean cultures through numerous programs, activities, but also first-hand stories from students who identify as African and/or Caribbean. By networking with a circle of diverse friends, especially minority organizations on campus, ACSU intends to break stereotypes through education and leadership.

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Mission: At Alliance, we are committed to holding conversations, empowering each other, and providing voice to every member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We strive to celebrate all intersecting identities and the unique experiences that our community members bring with them. We hope to inspire the growth of future leaders among the greater Simmons campus.

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Asian Student Association (ASA)

Mission: To celebrate Asian heritage and raise awareness about issues that affect Asian communities and empower members of ASA with a strong and unified voice in the Simmons University community through engaging in identity development and community building.

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Black Student Organization (BSO)

Mission: BSO's mission is to redefine sisterhood for its black students on campus while channeling its efforts to the outside community. With great strife, resilience, knowledge, and above all, leadership, the people of the Black Student Organization will provide change, retention and reclamation for its community.

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Kababayan Filipino Club

Mission: Kababayan of Simmons University is a cultural club that seeks to educate the Simmons community about Filipinx culture and the contributions of Filipinxs/Filipinx-Americans, to represent the concerns and experiences of Filipinx students, and to provide a network of support for its members and allies.

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Like Minds Coalition

Mission: Like Minds is a student group committed to promoting a culture of inclusion that values and respects the diverse array of people, cultures, and human experiences. At Simmons, Like Minds facilitates opportunities for all students to increase awareness of, cultivate an understanding for, and appreciate difference. We strive to create a supportive environment on campus where individuals and groups are empowered to address a multi-issue agenda that includes combating racism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, ableism, and other forms of social bias.

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Multiracial Advocacy and Relations at Simmons (MARS)

Mission: M.A.R.S' mission aims to establish and cultivate a community for multiracial students and students of "mixed" backgrounds, including but not limited to: ethnicity, nationality, and trans-ethnic or trans-national adoptees. As an organization we plan to lead discussions of issues related to the multiracial identity, fetishization, and diaspora faced by the community.

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Multicultural and International Student Organization (MISO)

Mission: The main purpose of MISO is to share our diverse traditions as well as to promote international and multicultural diversity and awareness within the Colleges of the Fenway.We seek to encourage understanding and respect of cultures within the student body, and promote understanding and collaboration among students through cultural displays, festivals and collective philanthropy events.We strive to unify students with international and multicultural backgrounds through membership in MISO, and assist them with any difficulties they might face while acclimating to American culture and a new lifestyle at Simmons in general.

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Organización Latino Americana (OLA)

Mission: OLA was created with the purpose to educate and celebrate Latinx heritage at Simmons University and surrounding neighborhoods. OLA hopes, through its commitment to inclusivity, to increase awareness of all aspects of Latinx culture and issues, which include but are not limited to immigration, education and health. We are working towards an educated society where Latinx issues can be discussed in an open and honest manner.

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Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center (SWAG)

Mission: The Simmons University Sexuality, Women, and Gender Union is a student-run university community organization dedicated to increasing awareness about intersectional social issues concerning members of our community. Since we are a justice-focused organization, a high priority is to collaborate with other student organizations on events and campaigns. The Union shall do this by creating a safe and inclusive space that supports and empowers every person,aims to educate its members and the community on issues pertaining to sexuality, women, reproductive justice, and gender, fosters multiculturalism, and celebrates the differences in every individual. The Union will focus on intersectional issues within all of these topics, including but not limited to issues facing people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, low-income people, and other marginalized groups, and prioritizing women, femme, trans, and/or nonbinary voices in these groups.

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Trans and Non-binary Collective (TANC)

Mission: The Simmons University Trans and Nonbinary Collective (TaNC) is a student-run university community organization dedicated to providing support for the university’s trans and gender non-conforming (GNC) identified students. TaNC shall do this by creating a safe and inclusive space that supports and empowers members of the organization. It aims to educate its members and the cisgender community on issues pertaining to trans and GNC identities.

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