Selection Night

Curious about how the Housing Selection night runs? We're giving you a step by step guide to the selection process.

All Housing Selection nights will be held in Alumnae Hall and will follow the process outlined below. While the Theme Housing will be held in Alumnae Hall, these selection processes will be similar, but being smaller, may not follow the exact outline below.

Station 1: Check-In (enter with your Lottery Card)

Check in and make sure all your paperwork is ready to go.

What you will need here:

  • Simmons ID
  • Lottery Card (you MUST have your own lottery card with you even if you are using your roommates for the purpose of the line up)
  • If you encounter any problems at Check-In, head to the Information Station (for example if you forgot your lottery card or have a financial hold on your account).

If there are no problems, go to the next station.

Station 2: Waiting Area

Sit and relax while you wait for your number (the lowest lottery number of your group) to be called.

Things to do at station 2:

  • Get familiar with what rooms are available! Check out the floor plans provided.
  • Make sure you have your top 10 choices written down
  • Relax and wait

Station 3: First Line up

Get in line by your sign on the wall (in increments of 10). Order yourself (and your roommate(s)) in the line so that the lowest number is closest to the Residence Life staff member lining you up. After everyone is in number order you will be called to move to the next station. Don't worry, there will be multiple staff members to help guide you!

What you will need:

  • Lottery Card
  • Your roommate or proxy information
  • Top 10 choices decided
  • Pay close attention to the status of your room choices, as some may have been chosen while your group was waiting. The available rooms will be posted on a large overhead projector.

Station 4: Second Line up

Things to do at station 4:

  • Stay in your line order by number from lowest to highest.
  • Watch for the status of your room choices, as some may be chosen while your group is waiting.
  • Next go to the Selection booth when your number is called.

Station 5: Choose your Room

Things to do at station 5:

  • Pick your room with your roommate(s)

Station 6: Checkout

Things to do at station 6:

  • Give your lottery card to the staff at the check out tables so they can make sure you are recorded in our Hall by Room roster as living in that room.