Guide to Housing Selection

Review the timeline, application and process

Be sure to review the housing selection timeline, process, and application so you know what to do when, and you can be sure you've got everything you need when the time comes.

Check out the hall descriptions and photos

With nine halls on the residence campus, over 350 rooms, and a variety of theme floors, there's a lot to choose from! You can check out the hall descriptions, facilities, photos, and room layouts and read more about theme communities.

Theme communities, special interest housing, and special needs accommodations are limited to certain floors and halls, so be sure to learn about all your options.

You can also drop by the Office of Residence Life on the second floor of the Health Center (94 Pilgrim Road) to view the full floor plans.

Find a roommate (or two! or three!)

Those participating in room selection events without a roommate will choose a room only after paired occupants have already selected their spaces. This means it is to your advantage to come into room selection night with a roommate already chosen!

If you are looking for roommates, you can go to the Campus Life Facebook and join the Simmons University Roommate Matching Facebook group, or you can attend the Pair Fair. If you still don't have a roommate on room selection night, go to the "Meet and Greet" area for students still wanting to find roommates.

Attend a housing selection event

Residence Life arranges several housing events in the spring to help you navigate housing selections, find a roommate or suite-mate, and view the halls and rooms. Check the timeline and process for more information.

Fill out your paperwork before the deadline

Attend housing selection

There are several housing selection times and dates. Your time and date will depend on the number of credits you will have by the end of the spring semester. The class statuses for room selection are:

  • Status 1: 87 or more credits Rising Seniors
  • Status 2: 57-86 credits Rising Juniors
  • Status 3: 27-56 credits Rising Sophomores
  • Status 4: 26 or fewer credits 2nd Semester 1st Years

Statuses are based solely on credits, not on whether you are graduating, or how many years you have been at Simmons or GPA. Transfer Credits are included; however, AP credits are not. Your credits/status will reflect current classes taken in Spring.

Lottery Card Statuses:

We find that it is helpful for students to determine where they stand within their class status by listing the number of cards in each status. Visit the availability page to see how many students are in each status.

Learn more about Selection Night.