Returning Students

Returning students interested in housing for the 2020-2021 academic year, please familiarize yourself with our process and make sure to meet all dates and deadlines to be eligible for a priority lottery number.

In the event that there are more students that want housing than available spaces, we will issue lottery cards based on class status and random lottery number generation. Students who did not receive a lottery number will be placed on a waitlist to be housed pending availability.

Please be familiar with the University Housing License Agreement and the Damage Charges List before signing your housing application. You should also review room and board costs.

Returning student move-in will begin Saturday, August 29, 2020, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Additional returning student move in time will be allotted from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm on Sunday, August 30, 2020. The Office of Residence Life will be open on the following dates and times to distribute keys and check out carts and dollies:

  • Saturday, August, 29th, 10am-4pm
  • Sunday, August 30th, 2pm-6pm
  • Monday, August 31st, 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday, September 1st, 10am-4pm

To live on campus, please submit your:

When you moved on campus at Simmons, you were required to pay a $250 housing deposit that is held throughout your period of residence and returned to you if you follow the terms outlined in the license agreement. You only pay the housing deposit once during your time living here. Over the course of being a resident at Simmons, the Office of Residence Life may charge your deposit for room damages, the re-coring of your bedroom door, or an unpaid lockout fee.

Usually, you would be required to replenish a low housing deposit prior to Housing Selection; however, given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we understand that some students are experiencing significant financial burdens. As such, we have extended the deadline for replenishing housing deposits to August 1st. We hope that this buffer provides some measure of relief for students and families who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.

Theme Community Applications

If you are interested in living in the Wellness or Arts & Activism Community, please submit one of the following forms:

Roommates and Group Representatives

In order to cut down on the number of people in the Zoom meeting for Selection, each roommate pair/triplet/quad or group of suitemates must designate a Group Representative Proxy to attend the Zoom meeting and select their room/suite.

Each person in the group must fill out the form and must designate the same person to be the Group Representative.

Please note

Because the nature of holding Housing Selection virtually makes responding to last minute changes in plans more difficult, roommates/suitemates may NOT change groups on the day of Selection.

If you no longer want to select housing with your originally intended roommates/suitemates on the day of Selection, you may drop out of the group, but you will not be able to attend Selection. You will automatically be placed on the To Be Assigned list.


If you are planning to select a suite, and you are unable to do so before all suites are selected, your group may break into two or three smaller groups to select individual rooms. We will provide a brief break once all suites are gone for students to regroup and adjust accordingly. However, you may only break into smaller groups within your original designated suitemates; you may not select another person or group to join you who was not previously in your group.

To Be Assigned List

If you do not have a roommate for the 2020-2021 academic year, we will not be allowing partial fills during Housing Selection this year. This is due to a high demand for spaces and projections that our halls will be at full capacity for the Fall. We encourage any students who do not have a roommate for Housing Selection to sign up for the “To Be Assigned” list, allowing our office to find a compatible space and roommate match for you over the summer. You would not need to participate in Housing Selection if you sign up for the TBA list.

Additionally, due to our projected occupancy for Fall 2020, it is possible that we may have more applicants for housing than we have spaces on campus at the time of Selection. This means that there may be some students who attend selection, but who are unable to select a room at that time. These students will automatically be placed on the TBA list, and they will be assigned spaces over the summer.

Generally, the TBA list is a good option for students because, as students transfer or withdraw from housing over the summer months, spaces become available that may not have been open during Housing Selection. As vacancies arise, our office is able to assign students from the TBA list to class-appropriate housing, with compatible roommates.

Returning Students

Commuter services

Commuter students are a vital part of the Simmons community. You'll be connected to everything going on at Simmons through students groups and special facilities reserved for commuters.

Counseling center

We are committed to the emotional, physical and spiritual development of our students

Health center

We support students in the pursuit of their academic and personal growth through promotion of healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Students eating in dining hall.

Campus dining

Simmons offers a variety of dining options and meal plans for students. There are full-service dining halls and cafes on both the residence and the academic campuses, and students can choose from several full-service meal plans, point meal plans, or a la carte cash options.