Fit at Simmons

FIT at Simmons provides group fitness classes to Simmons students, faculty, and staff for free! With a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, instructors provide a variety of classes to provide a holistic approach to fitness.

Students in an exercise class

Spring 2022 Programming

Fit at Simmons programming is up and running in person for the spring 2022 semester! We have a wide range of courses that are offered, check out the schedule below. All courses are offered at the Holmes Sports Center on the Residential campus.

  • Classes follow a drop-in format, so come any time that is convenient for you!
  • All classes this semester are free for students (bring your student ID to get in!) and are supported by a generous gift from Nancy Gavrin '58.

Effective Friday, May 13, 2022, Simmons has reinstating the indoor mask requirement until further notice. Masks will be required indoors unless eating or drinking, or in a private office. 

We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

4:00PM   Pilates 
5:00PMWeightliftingPilates Power YogaZumba
6:00PM Restorative YogaZumba Spin
7:00PM Mobility Stretching Intro to WeightliftingBooty and Core

Intro to Weightlifting with Rowen (she/her)

Second Floor Weight Room

The intro to weight lifting class will review the fundamentals of the back squat, bench press, and deadlift while mainly focusing on the mobility and stability needed to successfully complete these exercises without injury. We will be going over the difference between power, strength, and endurance training and how to incorporate each modality of training into your workouts. This class is for anyone hoping to expand their knowledge in weightlifting as well as increase their confidence in the gym!

Weightlifting with Rowen (she/her)

Second Floor Weight Room

Have you ever wanted to see how strong you really are? No matter your skill level or background with exercise, this class will help you to safely build your strength with a personalized cycle focusing on deadlift, bench press, and back squat. And | promise, you're stronger than you think!

Zumba with Caelum (they/them)

First Floor Dance Studio

Zumba, affectionately called a "dance fitness party", mixes low- and high-intensity moves in an interval-style class set to music. Filled with Latin and World rhythms, Zumba classes are a total body workout, including cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility. No dance experience necessary; Zumba meets you where you are and provides the workout you need!

Spin with Stephanie (she/her)

Spin Room**

This is a 30 minute spin class followed by a gentle cool down on and off the bike. The class is designed to push your physical and mental limits in order to reach your fitness goals. It combines short bursts of high intensity training with periods of rest in between. This will get your heart racing, body sweating, and have you feeling the burn during and even hours following.

Booty and Core with Karina (she/her)

FIT Studio #1

This class will focus on sculpting and shaping the booty and strengthening your core by losing fat and gaining muscle. By the end of this semester you will be not only physically stronger but mentally. This class is great for all levels of fitness and adaptations can be made to meet your individual goals and needs

Restorative Yoga & Meditation I with Bella (she/her)

Dance Studio**

Restorative Yoga is all about fully relaxing muscles, slowing down thoughts, and bringing ease to breath. Focusing on the breath while moving through different movements and holds, this flow helps your mind put aside distractions and check in with yourself at the beginning of a busy week. Restorative Yoga restores, replenishes, and re-energizes the tired soul. Difficulty: Beginner

Power Yoga with Bella (she/her)

Dance Studio**

Power Yoga will energize your body, get your heart rate up, and make you work up a good sweat. This class combines controlled breathing and core control with a good strength training/cardio workout. Power Yoga will challenge, strengthen, and empower your body and mind. Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

Mobility and Stretching with Karina (she/her)

FIT Studio #1**

Ever felt stiff and tired from sitting at a desk all day doing homework or studying? This 30 minute class is great for anyone who wants to destress by performing some gentle stretches and mobility exercises to help decrease tension in our bodies to help improve not only our physical health but our mental health as well.

Shake With Pilates with Nghi (she/her)

FIT Studio #1**

In this 1-hour class, we'll use our bodyweight to strengthen our core, hips, and legs muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. You can expect to go through slow, precise movements which cause that desirable "shake". Come to this class to "shake" with your favorite music and get a leaner and stronger body!

Each room has a maximum capacity limit due to COVID-19. Participants will be allowed in on a first-come, first-served basis. Masks on for all classes.

Classes with ** are recommended to bring a yoga mat if you have one, but we also have plenty to borrow. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.