3D Award

The award acknowledges exemplary student work in Design Across Diverse Disciplines (3D), which enables students to create, design and propose a cluster of three courses that will address a topic, problem or issue from various disciplinary perspectives. Winners of the 3D Award will have the opportunity to present their 3D and receive their award at the Undergraduate Symposium.

Recipients will receive an award of $250. Up to four awards will be given based upon the following criteria:

Inclusive Excellence

This award winner has a plan that centralizes inclusive excellence and equity. The 3D plan demonstrates a commitment to creating more just and equitable societies, whether that entails studying systems of oppression, creating plans for change, or learning from those who have made social justice a cornerstone of their life's work.

Most Innovative

This award rewards 3D plans that think outside of the box, privileging originality, creativity, and risk-taking. Students applying for this award should consider what is new, different, or unexpected about their approach.

Most Community-Oriented

This award seeks applicants whose 3Ds purposefully engage with specific communities or populations, and strive to better understand their workings. Classes included in these 3Ds may involve community-based learning, either formal or informal. Applicants should explain how real-world settings and issues inform their 3D plans.

Most Global

This award will be given to the student who demonstrates an ability to think in global terms about their chosen issue or topic. While the topic itself need not be global per se, the award will be given to a student who most effectively demonstrates that their approach takes international perspectives, attitudes, and systems into account.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on December 8, 2019. For more information about the 3D Award, email ugprogram@simmons.edu.

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