Information for Mentors

Faculty Mentors: Leading Through Example

Your role as faculty mentor is critical to your student's successful participation. Faculty mentors:

  • Encourage students to participate in the symposium.
  • Work with students to identify an appropriate project entry.
  • Assist students through the process of writing an abstract and submitting a proposal.
  • Coach students as they prepare for their presentation on the day of the symposium.
  • Support students by attending their session(s).

All students who participate in the Undergraduate Symposium are required to have a faculty mentor who will recommend their project. Mentors are responsible for reviewing and approving the student's abstract and proposal submission. Accepted student abstracts will be published in the Undergraduate Symposium Program Guide.

Nominating Keynote Speakers

The Keynote session includes a 15-minute presentation by four students with outstanding projects. Keynote speakers are nominated by faculty members and voted upon by the Undergraduate Symposium faculty review committee. Faculty members can only nominate one student project for consideration, and we ask for only one nomination per department or program. Keynote speakers must meet the following criteria:

  • Senior class standing
  • Project must include a compelling thesis, hypothesis, or idea/message
  • Demonstrates scholarly or imaginative engagement in the subject
  • Offers persuasive evidence
  • Topic is of interest to a wider audience
  • Particularly competitive abstracts will demonstrate a new contribution to the field (original work on the part of the student)

Nominations for keynote speakers should be emailed.

Get Involved

In addition to serving as a mentor, faculty may wish to serve as panel session moderators, as members of the strategic planning group, or as members of the undergraduate symposium faculty review committee. Interested faculty members should be emailed.