3D Award

The 3D Award acknowledges exemplary student work in Design Across Diverse Disciplines (3D), which enables students to create, design and propose a cluster of three courses that may assist them in better understanding and addressing an issue from various disciplinary perspectives.

2021 3D Award Speaker Panel

Thursday, April 22 | 1:00 - 1:40 PM ET

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photo of 3D Award Speaker - Lena Solomon

Lena Solomon '23

Major: Public Health
3D: The Mistreatment of African-Americans and Minorities in Healthcare

3D Courses: SOCI-232 Race, Gender, and Health; PH-101 Intro to Public Health; AST-211 Urban Medical Communities

According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Undefeated, about 7 out of 10 African Americans believe that Healthcare professionals treat them badly because of their race. For my 3D, I have connected the disciplines of Sociology, Public Health, and Africana Studies. These three disciplines are summarized into the central theme of "The Mistreatment of African Americans and Minorities in Healthcare." The courses that I plan to include in my 3D are SOCI-232 (Race, Gender and Health), PH-101 (Intro to Public Health), and AST-211 (Urban Medical Communities). SOCI-232 offers insight into the inequalities in healthcare and provides data to demonstrate the ways in which race and gender affect how people are treated by healthcare professionals. PH-101 exposes public health threats in our society and illuminates how they disproportionately affect people of color and of lower socioeconomic status. During AST-211, I learned about the institutionalized racism of African-Americans in the healthcare industry. Through this course, I was able to gain a solid understanding of why minorities typically don't trust healthcare professionals.

I believe that the mistreatment of African-American people and minorities in healthcare is a major public health crisis. It wasn't until recent years that I began to hear about the fatalities that many black women face during childbirth – a reality which concerned me immensely and inspired me to bring attention to this very important issue. I aspire to be a part of the change that will dismantle institutionalized racism so that people of color have access to the healthcare they deserve.

photo of 3D Award Speaker - Erin Buck

Erin Buck '21

Major: Marketing and Studio Art
3D: Food Justice and Social Impact: A Holistic Exploration of Modern Hunger

3D Courses: BUS-370 Internship; ECON-100 Principles of Microeconomics; NUTR-150 International Nutrition Issues

In considering the growing complexities and urgency of global hunger and food insecurity, it is my belief that thoughtful, community-centered interventions will produce the best outcomes for affected individuals and the collective. Pursuing this idea, my 3D investigates hunger through local, national, and international lenses. The classes comprising my course design are BUS-370 Internship, ECON-100 Principles of Microeconomics, and NUTR-150 International Nutrition Issues.

During BUS-370, I served as an intern at Breaktime, a Boston-based nonprofit working to address community-wide food insecurity and homelessness through its local programming. In ECON-100, I was able to explore economic concepts related to market capitalism, allowing me to quantitatively assess the United States' governmental and economic approaches to improving its food systems and preventing shortages. Finally, I am taking NUTR-150 to study nutrition policy and evaluate the effectiveness of large-scale food justice initiatives. By developing this 3D, I hope to strengthen my ability to analyze relevant yet complicated issues (like hunger) and better understand how to create positive social impact.

I am a senior Marketing and Studio Art double-major from Pelham, New Hampshire. I currently act as a student advisor to the Director of the School of Business, and was previously a student panelist for the Dean's Advisory Council of the College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences. I am an active member of the Senior Class Gift Committee, and continue to volunteer at Breaktime. Following graduation, I plan to continue searching for ways to create positive impact within my community and pursue my passions within a meaningful career.

photo of 3D Award Speaker - Max Cook

Max Cook '22

Major: Psychology
3D: Politics and Self-Expression in American Music and Media

3D Courses: COMM-124 Media, Messages, and Society; MUS-222 Music in America; ENGL-223 Resist! Political Resistance in Global Literature and Film

The courses I chose for my 3D narrative focus on the topic of media and creative arts, including music, film, graphic design, and literature, and their connection to modern politics and consumer media. I find this creative and political analysis of various media especially relevant now, given the prevalence of misinformation and politically-charged messaging at a time of pandemics, elections, and social movements, where factual reporting is of the utmost importance. The title of my 3D, "Politics and Self-Expression in American Music and Media," is reflective of these platforms for creativity but builds upon it by analyzing the political versus personal usage of these media forms. As a result, some of the courses I included were drawn from my minors in Music as well as Cinema and Media Studies, with specific connections to the political realm. One of these courses is COMM-124, also known as "Media, Messages, & Society," which analyzes politics, marketing, and self-expression through mostly written media, which I took last spring. Last fall, I took MUS-222, or "Music in America," which focuses on American culture, self-expression, and political commentary through American music. My third course, ENGL-223, is a new course called "RESIST! Political Resistance in Global Literature and Film," which I am taking this spring. This course discusses global political commentary and resistance themes through various readings and films. I have used the academic content of these courses to form a better understanding of culture, politics, marketing, and expression through various creative mediums.

photo of 3D Award Speaker - Catherine Cox

Catherine Cox '23

Major: International Relations
3D: Women and War

3D Courses: WGST-200 Woman, Nature, and Culture; POLS-356 Feminist International Relations; Spring 2021 Global Virtual Internship (Cameroon)

From the mass rape of civilians by American soldiers in My Lai to the fact that the vast majority of refugees from conflict are women and children, it is an understood global norm that when conflict occurs it is women who have to bear the greatest burden. Through the proposed courses I hope to gain a greater understanding of the way that body constructed as 'female' suffers disproportionately in conflict scenarios, and how this drives women's views in conflict resolution and in long-term peacebuilding. As Nobel-prize winning activist, Leymah Gbowee once said, "Women are the ones that bear the greatest burden. We are also the ones who nurture societies." In order to achieve my learning goals, I will take two key courses and one internship to expand my understanding of this phenomenon. Through these courses, I will learn how and why women are particularly burdened by conflict, what role they play in bringing an end to conflict, as well as how women contribute to building long-term peace in war-torn regions. The three key courses I propose for Woman and War are WGST-200, POLS-356, and the Spring 2021 Global Virtual Internship. WGST-200: Woman, Nation, and Culture will help to build my foundational understanding of women's historical role in the nation and in nation-building, as well as how culture can influence this role. POLS-356: Feminist International Relations will help to expand my knowledge of how gender is constructed in international conflict and development. Finally, through the Spring 2021 Global Virtual Internship Program, I will participate in an internship called Virtual Internship in Women's Rights & Resilience in Conflict Situations in Cameroon. Through this internship, I will gain a real-world understanding of the challenges and successes faced by women in places of conflict.