Simmons in Spain

Simmons students have the unique opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain at the prestigious Granada Institute of International Studies (GRIIS). Simmons is proud to partner with GRIIS, an institution that since 2004 has provided culturally engaging semester & academic year as well as Travel Course abroad experiences for Simmons students.

Semester Abroad For Majors/Minors in Spanish

Undergraduates who wish to major or minor in Spanish partake in a GRIIS semester abroad enrolling in a variety of coursework conducted in Spanish at the GRIIS center and the University of Granada’s Centro de Lenguas Modernas. Internship opportunities are also available for semester abroad students in different fields.

Semester Abroad For Nursing Students

Since 2013, GRIIS has provided opportunities in Granada for select Nursing students at Granada’s esteemed Hospital San Juan de Dios, where they can fulfill the required Nursing Health Care Policy and Practice (NUR 336) clinical placement. In addition, Nursing students take Spanish language, culture, and literature courses towards their major or minor in Spanish.

The GRIIS semester offers an excellent opportunity to increase your Spanish fluency while taking coursework that fulfills many major, minor, and KCA requirements. For more information about the Granada semester abroad, including homestay accommodation and application instructions, please click here.           

Travel Course in Granada

Under the direction of Dr. Amalia Pulgarín, GRIIS also hosts an annual Spring semester Travel Course in Granada. Students typically arrive in-country in late May/early June for the duration of four weeks and can enroll in either SPN 240 or SPN 253, two courses that are part of the Simmons curriculum for a Spanish major/minor.  Homestay accommodation and a rich & diverse calendar of curricular opportunities in Granada (and Spain) are just some of the highlights of a Travel Course perfect for Spanish majors, minors, and those students looking to advance their Spanish cultural and language fluencies. 

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