Move-In Dates & Logistics

Move-In Dates

  • Saturday, August 31 - First-Year and Transfer Students
  • Sunday, September 1 - Upperlevel Students (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

Please Note: We will not be facilitating any move-ins Monday, September 2nd as the university will be closed.

If you are approved to arrive early as an individual or with a predetermined group your check-in information will be different and we will be communicating instructions with you about a week before your arrival date.

Student Check-In

Before unloading your vehicle, you (the student) must first complete the Check-In Process. At Check-In, you will receive your Student ID, room key, and important information to help you get started at Simmons. This year, check-in is located at the Holmes Sports Center (331 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215). Your vehicle should pull up and drop you off at the check-in location.

The check-in process will take approximately 10 minutes.

After dropping you off, we require all vehicles to proceed to the corner of Pilgrim and Brookline (225 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215) where a Public Safety Officer will direct the driver to a parking lot. After a student completes check-in, they will meet their families. We ask the families to keep their students updated on their location (i.e. - Whether they are still unloading in a specific parking lot or if the cart has been transported to the front of their residence hall). Students should not join families to take their car to the garage, but rather join their items if possible to start unloading.

Arrival Time Sign Ups

The Office of Residence Life gives students the opportunity to select their arrival time to Residence Campus. The link to sign up is included in the Move-In instructions email which will be sent on August 1st.

Each arrival time is scheduled for 30 minutes (15 minute arrival window to the parking lots 10 minutes to unload, and 5 minutes to drive away from the parking lots). We are on a very strict timeline due to the limited number of parking spots available, and the number of carts available for use.

Students and families must adhere to their indicated arrival times. If students or families arrive earlier than their selected time they will be asked to leave and come back at the time they signed up for.

When selecting their arrival time, students must use their full name, enter their Simmons Email (with the, and enter their Housing Assignment (Building, Room Number) to register. They also must know their building and floor assignment to select the correct arrival time, as spots are limited for each building and floor for each time designation. Your quantity when selecting your time should always be 1. Please do not count all individuals coming with you as your quantity. We will be cross referencing to ensure students only select arrival times allocated to their housing assignment details.

If students need to change their arrival time they must contact the Office of Residence Life via email with their initial sign up date and time, along with their preferred new sign up time (pending availability and their building and room assignment). There will be no changes after August 26th at 12 pm (noon).

If you find there are no more arrival times for your floor, at any time, please email the Office of Residence Life to arrange an arrival time.

If students do not sign up for an arrival time by Monday, August 26th at 12 pm (noon) an arrival time will be assigned to them. If students are scheduled to be an early arrival or have signed up for the Street Team, DO NOT sign up for an arrival time.

Car Limit

Due to parking limitations, each resident may only bring one (1) vehicle to unload on Move-In Day.

Unloading and Parking

After dropping off your student at the check-in location, you will drive to the corner of Brookline Avenue and Pilgrim Road. From there, you will be directed by a Public Safety Officer to a parking lot. A Campus map will be provided prior to move-in weekend.

Pull your vehicle up to a parking space. You will be greeted by one of our Street Team volunteers. They will help you obtain a cart for your belongings, if one is available. Carts are first-come, first-served. Unloading your belongings into a cart should take no more than 10 minutes.

Once you are finished unloading, you will be directed to move your vehicle to the Simmons University Parking Garage (located on the Academic Campus). Someone must stay with the vehicle at all times. You (student) will receive one complimentary garage parking ticket during the check-in process, which will expire at 8pm that evening. Be sure to exit the garage by 8pm.

Street Team volunteers will wheel your cart to the front of your assigned residence hall. They will stay with the cart at all times. If your assigned residence hall does not have an elevator, the Street Team volunteer will stay on the lower floor with your cart as you empty it out. Street Team volunteers will stay with your cart to ensure your items are secure and to ensure the cart becomes available as soon as it empties. Please empty your cart completely before unpacking or setting up your room. This will help us return carts back to the parking lot for the next round of folks to use.

Moving Items Into Your Room

After completing the check-in process, students will need to contact their families/guardians to see where they are in the unloading process (i.e. - Whether they are still unloading on Pilgrim or if the cart has been transported to the front of their residence hall). Students should not join families to take their car to the garage, but rather join their items, if possible, to start unloading. You can then begin moving your items into your room. Street Team volunteers will be available to help you. They help by providing directions, answering questions, pushing carts, or helping to carry lighter weight objects. Many members of our Street Team are student volunteers and for liability reasons are not allowed to move expensive, fragile, or heavy items. Please be prepared to carry items up the stairs to your floor. Elevators are only located in the following buildings:

  • Arnold
  • Evans
  • Smith
  • Simmons

Mandatory Community and Floor Meetings

Community Meetings

(First-Year Students Only)

All first-year and transfer students joining our community are required to attend the Community Meeting. The meeting will take place on August 31st at 7:00pm in the gym of Holmes Sports Center. During this meeting, you will meet members of Residence Life and learn important information to help you navigate your first few nights as a Simmons University residential student. 

Floor Meetings

(All Residents)

Each floor on the residential campus will have their own floor meeting that is hosted by their Resident Advisor on Monday, September 2nd. The time and location of these meetings will be sent to you at a later date by your Resident Advisor, but will occur between the hours of 8pm-10pm. These meetings are mandatory as you will meet your floormates and be given vital information on what it means to be a residential student as well as many of the policies and procedures that are important to your time at Simmons.

Street Team Volunteer Sign Up

Upperlevel Students Only

Interested in volunteering at Move-In Days? Join the Street Team!

Our new students and their families will greatly appreciate the assistance, hospitality, and energy that you will provide. Volunteers will help by unloading cars, moving items into residence halls, passing out water, engaging in conversation with people as they take a break from moving, giving directions and answering questions about life at Simmons University.

Special shirts will be provided for Street Team.  We ask that each volunteer share their preferred shirt size in the form. If you are a Student Athlete and are participating with your team, we ask that you wear your gear to show off your spirit, but will still be provided a shirt as a thank you!


You can move back to campus on Thursday, August 29th (from 1pm-4pm), instead of Sunday, September 1st (free of charge). If you are already slated to arrive early for another reason and are paying for your stay, you will get a discount for your early arrival stay.

Dinner will be provided on August 29th. Meal plans will start on August 30th.


Must participate in 2 shifts, one each day, unless you are an athlete with a scheduled athletic conflict.


  • Saturday, August 31st (First-year and Transfer Student Move-In)
  • Sunday, September 1st (Upperlevel Student Move-In)

Time Blocks Available

  • Saturday, August 31st: 7:30 am - 11:45 am or 11:30 am -  3:45 pm.
  • Saturday, September 1st:  7:30 am - 12:15 pm or 11:30 am -  4:15 pm.

Mandatory Move-In Logistics Meeting

Volunteer training will be August 30th from 2 pm - 3 pm.  A calendar invitation is forthcoming.  Please hold the date.  If you are unable to attend training, please email mailto:[email protected].  We will email you information or the video recording.

If, as a volunteer, you require any kind of work accommodation for these days, please contact Residence Life at [email protected].

Please submit this form by Monday, August 12th, at noon


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