Room Availability

Status Counts, Housing Selection 2017

  • Status 1: ~155
  • Status 2: ~235
  • Status 3: ~327
  • Status 4: ~10

Please Note:

  • All fire-door rooms in Mesick and Dix can be chosen as "quads" or doubles and in South hall, the fire door rooms can be chosen separately or as "quints."
  • Simmons and Morse will not be available in returning student selection.
  • The number of rooms listed below does not reflect the actual number that will be available on selection night as some single & double rooms will be pulled off-line for housing accommodations and first year room holds (in Mesick & South). See rooms that are pulled offline by downloading the availability spreadsheet (available and updated live on this page during housing selection).
  • The numbers listed do not include Resident Life staff (RA) rooms.
  • You MUST apply for theme community housing PRIOR to housing selection night. No late additions on the night of selection will be allowed.

Below you will find the list of approximate rooms available in each hall before room selection. Please note that available rooms are subject to change prior to room selection.


Room Tours

Visit our YouTube channel to take a virtual tour of our on campus rooms

Spaces Available:

Spaces Available for General Housing Selection:

  • 1023 Beacon Street: 1 single, 11 doubles, 2 triples
  • Arnold Hall (101 beds): 10 singles, 44 doubles, 1 triple
  • Dix Hall (129 beds): 1 single, 62 doubles, 1 quad
  • Evans Hall (72 beds): 9 singles, 3 two-person suites (two singles), 13 three-person suites (double and a single),  3 four-person suites (double and two singles), 2 triples (one triple room)
  • Mesick Hall (91 beds): 1 single, 43 doubles, 1 quad
  • Morse Hall (123 beds): Not available to returning students
  • North Hall, 3rd-5th Floors (48 beds): 5 doubles, 38 singles
  • Simmons Hall (174 beds): Not available to returning students
  • Smith Hall (100 beds): 3 singles, 21 doubles, 10 four-person suites, 3 five-person suites
  • South Hall 5th Floor (11 beds): 11 singles
  • Townhouses (50 beds): 7 two-person apartments (shared doubles), 8 three-person apartments (double and a single), 3 four-person apartments (a double and two singles)

Spaces Available for upperclass students in Theme Communities:

  • Wellness Community, 1st-4th Floor South Hall (88 beds): 1 single, 27 doubles, 11 triples (50% of beds will be reserved for incoming students)
  • Arts and Activism, 1st & 2nd Floor North Hall (25 beds): 21 singles, 2 doubles


Room availability spreadsheets: 

If you have specific questions about available space for the upcoming year, please contact the Residence Life office directly. 

During Housing Selection this link is constantly being updated, so it will reflect the most current information. Need some guidance in understanding this spreadsheet? Watch this short clip about how to read it.

Videos Tours of rooms on campus

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Tours of the following types of rooms:

  • Dix double
  • Evans single, Evans triple, 2-person suite, 4-person suite
  • Mesick double
  • North single & double
  • Smith singe,  5-person suite
  • South single, double, triple
  • Coming soon: Townhouses 2-person, 3-person, 4-person apartments
  • Coming soon: 1023 Beacon double & triple

Sample Floor Plans

To view sample floor plans of the residence halls, login with your Simmons ID to our floor plan page. For security reasons, we have only posted one sample floor for each building. We are also providing a FAQ folder on the Townhouses, that includes floor plans.