Creating a New Organization

The Student Government Association (SGA) has developed a process that allows for recognition of new undergraduate organizations at Simmons College. The members of SGA base recognition decisions on the demonstrated need for the organization as well as its potential contribution to the Simmons community. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) handles the administrative aspects of recognition and activation. The following steps outline the process for starting a new organization. 

Groups can also choose to remain "clubs". As a club, they cannot request for or raise funds, nor can they have an official email address. They can co-sponsor with other organizations Being a club is useful for a temporary purpose or groups that are starting up but not ready to be a recognized organization.

STEP ONE: Establishing the Group

Meet with a member of the OSLA staff in order to discuss the proposed organization and its purpose. Staff members can also answer any questions about the recognition process.

  1. After meeting with OSLA Staff the organization becomes a Club, which is the first-step in the process. As a Club, they can hold organizational meetings or co-sponsor with other organizations. Clubs cannot request funds, conduct fundraising, or vote as a member of the SGA Senate.
  2. At this meeting, OSLA will create an OrgSync account for the club. The organization is responsible for completing its profile prior to presenting to the Judicial Cabinet.  This includes:
    • Organization profile
    • Agreement to Anti-Hazing Policies
    • Agreement to Motion Picture Licensing Policies
  3. OSLA will then email the Student Affairs Officer with the name of the Club, and the primary contact(s) for the group.
STEP TWO: Gathering Interest
  1. Hold an organization meeting to assess student interest in the proposed organization.
  2. Establish an executive board including a president, treasurer, secretary, and an SGA Senator and at least three general body members or three additional executive board members (e.g. vice president, PR chair).
    • There must be a total of 7 active members in the organization to pursue recognition.
    • All four positions (president, treasurer, secretary, & SGA senator) must be  held by separate students.
  3. Recruit a full-time member of the Simmons faculty or staff to serve as an advisor to the organization.
  4. Have at least 35 Simmons undergraduate students demonstrate support for the proposed organization's mission and objectives.
    • This can be done by Facebook "likes", joining the group on OrgSync, or signing a petition; this is up to the organization's discretion.
    • These supporters do not need to be active members of the group.
    • This count cannot include the executive board.
STEP THREE: Defining the Organization
  1. Determine the organization's mission and goals. This can be done as part of the first organizational meeting.
  2. Draft a constitution. See Constitution guidelines in the Student Organization Manual.
STEP FOUR: SGA Recognition Process
  1. Email the SGA Student Affairs Officer to set up a time to meet. At this time, the SAO will review the guidelines for presentations to JCab and answer any questions as needed. This meeting should be at least one week prior to the JCab date set for new organization presentations.
  2. One week before the JCab presentation, the organization must submit the following the the SAO.
    • Proof of support from 35 undergraduate Simmons students
    • Name and signature of advisor, executive board, and member roster
    • Copy of Constitution Copy of presentation to be given at JCab
    • Proof of meeting with OSLA and Student Affairs Officer
  3. The organization seeking recognition will present to JCab. This presentation should include:
    • Constitution Purpose of the organization
    • Who their membership is
    • Why they feel they should be recognized
    • What sort of events would they do/why would they need funding
    • How they would contribute to the Simmons Community
  4. JCab will vote on the proposed organization. The organization must receive 0 vote from the JCab members in attendance (must have a 0 quorum at JCab).  The JCab will vote to either:
    • Approve. The organization will continue on to present to the Senate for a final vote to become a recognized organization.
    • Approve with recommendations. The organization may need to make some changes before going before the Senate, however it is not required that they adhere to the recommendations before the presentation to the Senate.
    • Deny. Cannot continue on to the Senate, if they choose to seek recognition they must repeat the process. Judicial Cabinet will give a report of why they were denied.
  5. Upon approval by JCab, the group will present to the Student Government Association Senate for a vote. The Senate will hear the presentation, and then vote the following week.
STEP FIVE: Administrative Processes for Newly Recognized Organizations
  1. Upon approval by the Senate, the new organization must complete any required trainings or make-up sessions
  2. OSLA will request the creation of an organization account number and email account.
  3. Upon approval, the organization is recognized and will receive all privileges and responsibilities associated with SGA recognized student organizations at Simmons.
  4. Organization must have their Senator meet with the Senate President for Senator training.
Organization Recognition Timeline
Deadlines to be announced by the Student Affairs Officer.