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Headshot of Brenda Sanya
Alumnae/i Feature

Brenda’s scholarly work and teaching benefit from the interdisciplinary approaches she learned in the GCS program. What is the focus of your work? As a scholar of citizenship, immigration, and education, my research is situated at the intersection of critical...

Headshot of Amy Stewart
Alumnae/i Feature

Amy reflects on the skills she cultivated at Simmons in preparation for doctoral work. What attracted you to the MA in gender and cultural studies (GCS) program at Simmons? After finishing my undergraduate work in psychology and gender studies, I...

Headshot of Shayne Zaslow
Alumnae/i Feature

A PhD student in Sociology at University of Virginia, Shayne shares his thoughts on how GCS prepared him for his current studies. What did you study at Simmons? I completed a dual degree program to earn my MA in gender...

Headshot of Ally Day
Alumnae/i Feature

Ally reflects on how her MA in gender and cultural studies made her more competitive in applying to PhD programs. Which graduate program did you complete at Simmons? What were your areas of focus? I graduated with my MA in...

Headshot of Sarah Shives
Alumnae/i Feature

Sarah filled us in on her job as the Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Puget Sound! What attracted you to the gender and cultural studies (GCS) program at Simmons? I was particularly attracted to the intersectional approach...